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Libertarian/Anarchist Nexus (True LPC)

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The Libertarian/Anarchist Nexus will consist of both individuals and alliances, with different commitment levels depending on what they can offer or meaningful connections they establish within the community of free men and women who uphold Liberty & Opposing Tyranny.

Membership Levels
As a Libertarian Libertarian Monarchy, our members and divisions have full autonomy in their actions; although we come to together to help those who cherish freedom and oppose Tyrants.

Anarcho-Royalist Kingdom (ARK)
Leaders & Influential Individuals who help .

Anarchists Cloud High Empire (ACHE)
Primary Anarchist & Libertarian Alliances; who promote freedom over Tyranny.

Anarchist Monarchy Mind Omniverse (AMMO)
Assisting those who favor freedom from Tyrants who'd like to stomp out all the good in this world before it grows.

Viking Anarchist Scandinavian Empire,  (VASE)
Anarchist & Libertarian Individuals who are connected with the Libertarian/Anarchist Nexus; who are able to fight; whether for pay or favors.

Libertarian Intuitive Noosphere Knowledge (LINK)
Individuals may provide free off shore banking services, Intel, offer military and financial assistance, loans & other indirectsupport to LAN.

Noosphere Outer Sanctuary (NOS)
Individuals who may or may not consider themselves to have any organizations outside their immediate alliance, but may know someone who's a member & potentially may help in the future.


We will coordinate for a sanction free purple.

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