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Bumps & Bruises

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Ya know this gaming is a fine way to keep a distant world in our daily lives.  We all visit daily to be part of a team to enjoy strategy.  Some of us have been around for years and others are just now finding this Gaming World of CNTE.  Each edition has it's bump's and bruises.  Each edition has a short time frame.  


Rogues has become a new pain in the rear for some of us!  Yes, when your hit and can't shake them you have to re roll falling behind a little from the rest of the pack.  Nobody like losing or being targeted to disrupt your plans.  One thing for sure you can be annoyed and have resentment towards others when rogue..  Wake up, learn the tide of CNTE react with your experience be happy your not on the ground fricking  laying in a pool of blood as we all participate in global war.  


Our game needs a boost from all of the seasoned players.  You Alliance Leaders, you have the skill to lead, motivate and conquer.  You Rogues welcome and congrats on making some miserable.  You Veterans adjust make the misery (Rogues) disappear or controlled!



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well the rogues of this round belong to you my friend ….. hired gun is to point the finger at this round I’m sorry to say but that is just fact …. 


i personally have only been rouged twice in my 50 or so rounds and both time have been right after an incident with your hired gun ….. 


i have zero issues with anyone on bob or steve  most i call friend or choose to help … but there are only maybe 3 other players that would look to hit me dirty ..

number 1 is hired gun 

number 2 maybe SoT ( but only with working with HG ) 

and the third is LH and honestly i think LH would like me 2 know if he did me dirty it would make him smile knowing he pissed me off …. 



control your little monster you created and this world would be a better place ..


may i make a suggestion take D1 back from HG and watch this world become a better place …


your friend 





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