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Clutter in the forms and poor website design


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DISCLAIMER - This post has nothing to do with gameplay and is only

                                             my outlook on the game as a new player...


This game is still relevant gosh darnit


As a new player of Cyber Nations I can tell you, this game isn't dead. It's just bogged down with cluttered forms and old style web pages. The game mechanics are all there but lacks a few things that make it a hard game to get into if you have never played before. Firstly being the visuals of the website itself. When a new play first clicks on to the game its immediately hit with a very smart layout but to a beginner it looks very different from what they might have expected. My suggestion is very simple but it could have a lasting impact on the performance of the games player count. For example if the redirect buttons in the menus didn't look like links it would be a massive step towards making the visuals of the website look a lot better.  I also would like to add that the layout itself is brilliant and is in no way in need of change. 


I would also like to bring up the forms. At first it helped me a lot and is great in that sense but at second glance I realized there's more to it. I found lots of other things as well like RP as an example. The trouble im having is finding active discussions and finding active players at all. It's hard to find anything in a sea of outdated stuff.


But maybe i'm wrong, maybe the website is fine and i'm just looking in the wrong spots of the forms.

Please let me know after all i'm a fresh player.



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