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Limitless Nexus - Become Part of the Libertarian Revolution


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Limitless Nexus

Tired of the same of old routine? Pay bills & collect taxes; while hoping eventually something interesting will happen? Maybe a global war your alliance will somehow get pulled into; so you can put your nation strength to use?

There is no need to wait for others to make things interesting for you. You can make things interesting now by joining Limitless Nexus. We do not yield to our enemies & fear no one.

If you're bored and on the verge of deletion or going rogue to alleviate your boredom; that is unnecessary. The war you are seeking is already here.

Fight alongside us & join us on the Brown Team. Our Senate Seat is Secure & we bow to no one.


The Libertarian Party of Cybernations is Growing Stronger.


We fear no Enemy & Surrender to Nobody.


Vote Libertarian Empire on the Brown Team!


Join Limitless Nexus Today!


No forum signups necessary, only a willingness to fight & help ensure our position in the Senate remains secure!


Nation building guides, as well as access to both tech buyers & sellers available to members!

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Will you be part of the growing Empire?


Alliance leaders who join & bring their alliance with them can keep their AA & retain much of their sovereignty; as well as remain commander of their AA. We need not be divided by AAs & requiring anyone to give up their identity to be part of the revolution.


Join us and begin networking with others to advance your alliance; while destroying our enemies.


Do good and thee shall be rewarded.

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