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Revalations [OPEN CNRPA Character RP]


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OOC: This is a character rp within CNRPA that is open to everyone including those who don't have CNRPA nations. The main story arc will be about Jesse and Jake discovering more about the ancient dragons and how what they learn may shape the future of Asia but it may branch off more from there depending on if people get involved and how they want to get involved.


Promo for main story arc:


The Historian: "In order to find the truth you have to forget the stories, forget the legends. You'll have to do more than walk in their footsteps. For they were more than the sum of their actions. I tell you this, not because I trust you, Commander Jake... but because all our lives are at stake. Because the seeds of our future... are sown in their past."


As peace settles over mainland Asia after the defeat of the "Mandarin" Jesse and Jake continue to dig into the history of the ancient dragons.


Jesse: "What we can learn about dragon history before even my mother was born may help us against future enemies."


However finding that knowledge may be a bit harder than they thought.


Mei: "There is a dragon called the Historian. His job is protecting and writing down our race's entire history. However finding him will not be an easy task."


And the knowledge they find may be able to save them all from destruction.


The Historian: "There is an enemy here on Earth that threatened our race even more than the humans did. If they are not stopped they will kill everyone!"


Jake: "Than I guess we better stop them."


The real battle for Asia is about to begin. Will the dragons be able to protect Asia from this ancient enemy of their's?


Jesse: "They are sending us a message. That they can take whatever they want! Now we will send them a message! THAT THIS IS OUR LAND AND THESE PEOPLE ARE A PART OF OUR FAMILY!"

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