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Bunker Improvement Requirement Incorrect

Overlord Wes

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The description for the bunker improvement is "Bunker - $66,667 - Reduces infrastructure damage from aircraft, cruise missiles, and nukes -3%. Requires maintaining a Barracks for each Bunker. Limit 5. Cannot build if Munitions Factory or Forward Operating Base is owned. Collection required to delete. "

However, as can be seen in the screenshots in the spoiler below, I am able to purchase bunkers while having zero barracks.
[spoiler]TE, 0 barracks purchased and 3 bunkers purchased with option to purchase more: [spoiler]4cedb7bf67.png[/spoiler]SE, 0 barracks purchased with option to purchase bunkers: [spoiler]31bb3ce084.png[/spoiler][/spoiler]
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