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Looking for a Soviet Union-type communist alliance..?

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I've made dozens of CN accounts over the last 5 years and I eventually grew apathetic from all of them. My problem was that I wasn't engaged enough, because I wasnt in an alliance. I returned back to my 400 something day account today, and it has a Marxist-Lennist communist feel to it. Instead of creating an alliance I'd like to join one with a lot of players and is very prosperous. Anybody got anything?

I kinda have OCD, so if you have a goofy or silly name, bad spelling or grammar, etc I won't join. I like formal stuff based on real world things (ex: Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, or Soviet Union). Another thing, the name has to be fictional. Cant be copied from real world.

I sound kinda picky but I just want to be engaged and not have to leave again. My country is in somewhat of a mess, not too bad tho. I just need support while at the same time roleplay. I'm really into the "expanding your empire even if it makes you bloody corrupt" thing.

If age even remotely matters and affects your decision, I'm 15, from NY. I will be very active, participating and loyal. Thanks guys.

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Hmm... Maybe Libertarian Socialist Federation, New Sith Order, Socialist Workers Front, Union of Communist Republics?


(BTW, I don't really talk to any of these guys except a slight bit with NSO. So don't ask me what their communities are like.)


But it's lovely to see people wanting to get engaged in the community. That's what this game is all about.

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Yep UCR looks the best IMO. I sent the creator a message. I hope he gets back to me soon.

When I first created my nation I made an alliance but it didn't so so well. I sent out invitations to new members daily, but no one ever replied.

Making a new alliance is extremely hard, tedious and time consuming. Especially if you havent been involved in the community.

Best way to go is join an established AA, make as many friends as you can, learn as much as you can, and then maybe try it again once you have a name for yourself.


Random alliances started by a single person that nobody knows pretty much never go anywhere. Being a social community game, friends are the primary source of actual power in CN.

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NP sent you PM in game about trade circle etc. good luck whatever direction you take... :popcorn:

Edit:Welcome to Doom Squad...o/


Thanks!! Looking forward to what's ahead..


Doomsquad is a supurb choice. Best of luck in the future. :)

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