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Massachusetts. Italy. In Boston.

Peter Ilyich

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Many Bay Staters, in fact most, have either been to Italy or want to go. Massachusetts loves Italy, it loves Italian food, however the question is: Does the Massachusetts Government like Italy? And does Italy like Massachusetts back? Well, the Massachusetts Government decided to invite Mr. Benito Mussolini, or a different representative, to a meeting in Boston, Massachusetts, where they would meet. This was sure to be interesting.


Dear Mr. Mussolini,


I am aware we have had little to no relations. However, I believe that we should meet up here in Boston, and see if we can become allies despite our many, many differences. I hope you arrive as soon as possible, or a representative if you cannot make it. Thank you for the time, and  will see you in Boston, hopefully.



Calvin Coolidge

President of Massachusetts


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An invitation to establish relations with a fledging
American republic surprised the Italian regime. After repeated Italian insults against democracy, few expected the Americans to ever attempt any cordial relations with Italy. Of course, The Count would surely not pass an opportunity to make friends.

Mussolini nor the Count could not show due to crisis in Africa, but an Italian diplomat, Alfonso Boccelli would make the trip.

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President Calvin Coolidge would arrive at Logan, and await Alfonso Boccelli. Once he noticed Boccelli arrive, we would walk up to the man, knowing it was him because, well, Coolidge knew an Italian when he saw one, and extended a hand. He would muster all the pride he could and said to the man, "Good afternoon, you must be Mr. Boccelli? I am President Coolidge, very nice to meet you. You are the guest, so shall we take a walk or should we head a few streets over to Fanual Hall?"

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