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Imperial Trading Bloc- 6/100 deals, short or long term.


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The Empire is an alliance known for trustworthy and speedy deals with its customers. None of our members has broken a contract, and we have strict guidelines to punish those offenders, and keep our customers satisfied. 

Right now our alliance is looking for all the tech deals available- If you need tech, we can supply it to you. The Empire has various plans for a healthy business relationship: Long-term for those looking for stability and continued growth, alliance-wide for those wishing to supply tech to everyone in their alliance, and short-term for those wanting a quick fix.


Our prices are stable and are non-negotiable, in return you get stable, guaranteed service and the peace of mind that the Empire's military might is focused on protecting YOUR shipment from raiders. We take our business very seriously, and we are very loyal to our customers and allies.


PM me or comment below to see how we can begin talking business.


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I see you are trying to get a new AA off the ground and already have a history of deals with at least one WTF member. I wish you luck, and I am also willing to buy tech from you. (6m/100t) Just msg me in game and instruct me where to send the cash (nation link below).

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