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discussion: remove rotavele, beauty, and all rerolls/multis from cnrp2


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His "accident" was reporting himself for multis. He's made Admin and the entire CN mod team look like a bunch of toothless, incompetent idiots, but I'd prefer to not let him keep rolling in and out and grabbing up map space (and spamming all of our threads) given we can't even let him in the IRC channel.

http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?/topic/123420-rotavele-multi/ <-- There's another thread where I reported one of Rota's multis.

Rotavele, Yonsae, Beauty, and all of his inevitable multis and reroll accounts that are obviously him will all be forbidden from having a CNRP2 nation. And yes, I'm aware that he will absolutely love having an entire thread about him, but the rules are the rules and we will follow them. So you can consider that as a goodbye present.

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