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Los Pollos Hermanos

Neo Uruk

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Los Pollos Hermanos is a Pink team alliance.


The second incarnation of Los Pollos Hermanos was founded on June 14, 2014. We are an alliance that values brotherhood and fun over serious politics. That isn't to say we won't play them, as we do have both formal and informal ties spread among the world. We enable our members to say what they will and do what they'd like -- within reason, of course. 


We have several members with CN experience who can mentor you in the game, teach you how to do several tasks to help the alliance, and protect or aid you during wars.


We stand without too many members currently, which means it's just the right time to get in on the ground floor of what will be a great culture to be a part of. Stop by and visit us at #pollos on IRC (Coldfront server) or http://pollos.edby.me/


I like to keep things short and sweet when possible, so there it is.

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