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Amur Republic-Japanese Relations


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To: Amur Republics Department of Foreign Affairs
From: Imperium of Japan Department of Foreign Affairs
As the Imperium has an interest in maintaining a stable Asian continent, and due to continued aggressive actions by the Russian Empire, we would like to meet with you in order to discuss further relations with your nation. A meeting in either of our nations would be acceptable to me, please write back with your preference and we shall meet at your earliest convenience.
Osamu Saito
Minister of Foreign Affairs

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To:  Imperium of Japan Department of Foreign Affairs

From:  United Amur Republics Soviet of Foreign Affairs


Minister Saito,


It is a pleasure to be speaking with you again, and this time at least under slightly better circumstances.  The Siberians have moved on the DMZ.  If you are still amicable to meeting, I can make my way to Tokyo, as you had to travel to Harbin when last we met.  Simply notify my office if this will do, and I will make my way to your capital straight away.


Ho Lang,

Secretary of the Foreign Affairs Soviet

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With the chaos that constantly embroiled The Imperium finally quieting down for the moment, the meeting would finally be arranged, both nations had changed, as their mutual enemy had also fallen, but there was still much reason to work together as neighbors.


Osamu Saito would board the black diplomatic SonicStar with the Chrysanthemum Seal upon the tail and flew to Harbin to meet with the Amur Republic leadership.

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Minister Saito would be welcomed at Harbin International Airport, greeted by a designated welcome party and driven in a motorcade to the Executive Building near the heart of the city.  Minister Saito would be taken to the premier conference room in the building, to be met by former Premier, now Chairman Zhang, leader of the USAR.


"Minister Saito, welcome to Harbin, and the USAR, I hope you enjoy your time here."


Minister Saito would be provided with any amenities he would require to feel comfortable.


"Now, to get straight to business, my administration has contacted your nation, as I'm sure you are aware, to formalize our relations.  Japan came to the aid of Amur in the Siberian War, and Amur will absolutely support Japan's bid for SEATO's membership.  What these formalizations entail, we can hash out.  Our initial bid would be at the very least an NAP, simply to make things official, with economic partnership in the area.  Japan, or I suppose the East Asian nation, is broad and certainly has interests in the area.  I believe working together, we can be pillars of stability for the region of Northeast Asia, as well as Asia at large, and can become close allies.  My administration could easily foresee a close relationship that could further both our nations' goals in the area. 


What would be your proposals, Minister Saito?"

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