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Display Bug with Criminal Population


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So I've been doing a bunch of testing and I believe that there is a display bug on the nation_drill_display page when the value for working citizens and criminals are calculated (potentially left over from when criminals was being road tested without any effects being applied).


To accompany the screen shots below I've done up a spreadsheet that shows this effect using numbers and formulae which is available here:




Basically If I move my crime index down by one level from Index 1 to Index 2 (with no other changes to my nation) I would expect the number of criminals to double, which it does and the citizen figures to reduce by an equivalent amount. To give a more concrete example if a nation has Crime Index 1 Pop = 9990 with 10 criminals I would then expect that, with no other changes aside from Crime Index, the same nation on Crime Index 2 to have 20 Criminals and their working Citizens to be 9980.


This is what happens with the Taxes and Improvements Citizen counts, which leads me to believe that they are applying the Crime Effect correctly. However the Citizen count on the Nation Display screen does not act like this. Instead it acts as if a further 2% need to be taken off the Taxes & Improvements Citizen Counts and that is what it displays. Screenshots below showing this.


Crime Index 1 amalgamated screenshot (with sensitive info redacted):



Crime Index 2 amalgamated screenshot (with sensitive info redacted):



I can send further info via PM if required with more detailed calculations if required.

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