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First and second Empressions


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To: Foreign Affairs Department, Imperium of Japan

From: Principality of Tikal; Directorate of Diplomacy


Topic: Diplomatic Relations




"Esteemed Osamu Saito,


time has passed and events of great import have occurred.


The summation of these events has shown us that Japan is a nation of integrity and honour. The Principality would thus upgrade our treaty of non-aggression and cooperation to one of mutual defence, possibly adding free trade as well.


Though we do not believe that a personal meeting is necessary for this upgrade, we will pledge to aid Japan more substantially than with hospital ships and monetary donations in the wake of adding the above two clauses, if so desired."


By the authority vested in me by Their Sublime Highnesses

Director of Diplomacy,

Clemente Marroquín Rojas

Principality of Tikal

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To: Principality of Tikal; Directorate of Diplomacy

From: Imperium of Japan; Foreign Affairs Department


Topic: RE: Diplomatic Relations




"Esteemed Clemente Marroquín Rojas,


Her Imperial Majesty supports such an upgrade, and while currently engaged in other affairs, would like to come to Tikal at a future date upon the recovery of the home islands. She has informed me that engineering assistance would be of most importance, as Tikal is well experienced in creating the advanced structures she would like to see the Imperium upgrade to. We are thankful for the support you have provided so far and welcome any further assistance you can provide, we will forever remember the respect and cooperation of Tikal, may we work together to build a lasting and stable peace throughout the Pacific and the world.


By the authority vested in me by Her Imperial Majesty,

Minister of Foreign Affairs,

Osamu Saito

Imperium of Japan

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