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Voting Extravaganza Thread: Vote Harder


Voting Extravaganza Thread: Vote Harder  

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Soldier/Aircraft Exchanging:

For every 10,000 soldiers you subtract from your soldier count, you gain an additional squadron of twelve planes onto the total of 630 aircraft.
This allows great customization of military forces which is dependent on your terrain and size. A small island nation doesnt need a massive army, but it needs a larger airforce. It doesnt benefit any one group over another, it simply allows nations to sacrifice strength where its not needed, to reallocate it to somewhere it is. The soldier hard cap for a start massivly prevents abuse and actually acts as a secondary cap on extra aircraft. For example a nation with 750k soldiers decided to only have a 50,000 man army, that leaves them with 168 extra aircraft, which when added to 630, is 798 total aircraft.

Naval Rules Addition:

All it is is shifting the weight around to where its needed, and with our current naval rules which is IG + Points, a nation with no IG navy, but uses his points for five destroyers, can double his destroyer numbers with the modifiers that FHIC's proposition holds. But with no caps on how many ships you can have.

This poll will run for 48 hours. If you have the need to post, do so on the OOC thread, otherwise posting on this thread voids your vote.
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To clear things up for the naval proposal and Rudy has copy pasted the wrong section here it is. Apologies for posting in here, but sometimes its just easier to do it yourself.


We keep the current naval system we HAVE which includes mogars points system which allows for small navies to maintain fleets. But we add in modifiers of X2 for destroyers and frigates, and NO naval cap.


With 4000 points we get from Mogars system you can buy 6 destroyers, with the modifiers you can have 12 destroyers, which benefits smaller nations who cant normally maintain fleets.

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The results are as follows:
Question 1 - Option A is the winner
Question 2 - Option A is the winner


The result is that the system devised by Zoot is to be put into place along with the Naval rules modification.

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