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Inadvertent Tax collection

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I don't know if it's a bug.. or from being in some sort of state of fatigue or both.. but I would like to see a feature added to make it harder to inadvertently collect taxes.


Something like a additional step such as


"Are you sure you want to collect taxes now?" 


Y / N

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I don't think accidentally collecting taxes is a game-wide problem. Making mistakes is how you eliminate yourself from being the winner. It's already a Big Red Button, and is the only thing you have the option to do on that screen. It would be an annoying extra click for people who do not press clearly labeled Big Red Buttons unless they are certain. And it's not like you wiped a corporate hard drive or activated a gas chamber. Accidentally collecting taxes in a spreadsheet game does not need the same safeties that exist on using your credit card to purchase a time share.

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