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Within the vast reaches of cyberia!!!!


Electrons would collide with other electrons, charges would be transmitted from negative to positive, and so on and so forth. The flow of current would overcome the resistance and with great fortitude it would make its way to the properly intended destinations. Messages would pop up on screens across Africa and these messages would say.




Clatu! Veratu! Nictu!

The Kingdom of Axum humbly invites all the leaders of Africa to participate in an electronic conference to further the stability and security of all African nations. Just push the accept option and we'll get this party started.

- King Beckwith of the Kingdom of Axum


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[11:43] <Yerushalayim> *Accept button pushed* The Great Lakes Republic is pleased to attend such an auspicious meeting with our esteemed neighbors.
01[11:44] <Kingbeckwith> We thank you for attending. How goes things in the Great Lakes? Our Protectorate monitors have been watching from the distance. Things seem relatively calm for the most part, but you know how it is. Lot of territory to cover and never enough men to cover it properly.
[11:45] <Yerushalayim> The Republic continues to enjoy the peace and prosperity brought to our nation by the unified government. We hope that the Kingdom is enjoying similar stability and wealth.
01[11:46] <Kingbeckwith> Times are a bit tough given our commitment to the relief efforts in the Phillipines. However, it is our duty to assist, the cost is not important.
[11:48] <Yerushalayim> Such humanitarian gestures are a welcome sight in a world filled with war and anarchy. Though the Republic's merchant fleet is small, we will gladly provide use of our transport aircraft to aid with Axum's relief efforts.
01[11:49] <Kingbeckwith> We'd never say no to the assistance. The Kingdom's Air Transport Command could use the help with transporting the injured back to the Kingdom, or your hospitals if you'll allow it. They desperately need the treatment.
[11:51] <Yerushalayim> The Republic will prepare military hospitals to treat the wounded. I suggest that these hospitals be placed near our shared border, so as to facilitate cooperation between the Kingdom and the Republic in our efforts.
01[11:53] <Kingbeckwith> That's fine, we are transporting them directly to our civilian hospitals at this time. If you'd like, your military hospitals can deploy right into the Phillipines at our Marine base near Manila. Such mobile support would be greatly welcome. I know our medical staff has been working relentlessly. So has the lot from Tikal and those from India, they've all been working fiercely as well.
[11:58] <Yerushalayim> The Republic will deploy Colonel Ogola with a dedicated relief group to provide mobile support as needed. He will command our air wings involved in the relief effort. Provide us with a location, and the Colonel will airlift there within the week.
01[11:59] <Kingbeckwith> Manila. You can't miss it. It's a big smoking hole in the ground. Our base is upwind of it. We'll forward you the landing information and refueling locations as we are running tankers out of the Maldives.
[12:00] <Yerushalayim> This is acceptable. Were there other issues Axum wished to discuss?
01[12:00] <Kingbeckwith> How do you feel about Imperialism?
[12:01] <Yerushalayim> It is because of imperialism that our world has fallen into such anarchy and chaos, that developed and stable nations are the rarity in a sea of war and ruin.
01[12:04] <Kingbeckwith> Then would you mind assisting the Kingdom's Legions in protecting Africa from Imperialism?
[12:10] <@Yerushalayim> The Republic will stand firm in the defense of Africa. We suggest a joint custody over the protection of the wilds. Republican engineers can begin priming fuel stations and observation posts for occupation by a joint task force, in order to best protect and respond to any imperialist aggression.
01[12:11] <Kingbeckwith> We already have a series of bases on the perimeter of Africa, left over from the long since fallen African Union Pact. We prefer discrete observation and elimination of problems versus full scale deployments.
01[12:11] <Kingbeckwith> A full scale occupation force may well dampen the enthusiam of the local populations to work towards their own self-rule.
[12:12] <@Yerushalayim> This is acceptable. The Republic is uninterested in foreign occupations of large size.
01[12:14] <Kingbeckwith> Our primary source of concern at this point is twofold. Well actually, three fold. First, Europe, we've already had to chase the Italians out of Tangiers. They left without a fuss. Second, security for the Indian Ocean, its a big ocean and a major trade route for all of us. Third, we fear the liberal policies we've enacted for Africa being subverted by African governments.
[12:18] <@Yerushalayim> The Republic would ask the Kingdom to define the "liberal policies" being referenced here.
01[12:20] <Kingbeckwith> No major occupation of protected lands. Minimal presence within them, our patrols are mostly plain clothed. We leave as soon as a government rises with most of the time, them never knowing we were around in abundance in the first place.
01[12:21] <Kingbeckwith> We act through a series of Non Governmental Organizations to support infrastructure projects within the protectorate and never are we seen as spearheading these projects as a nation. Hands off, all the way.
[12:23] <@Yerushalayim> Hmn. Perhaps an overarching pact between our nations, with which we can coordinate efforts. Entice new nations to join the pact via financial stimulus and membership within an exclusive economic group. For those that insist on rampaging across the continent, force of arms will always remain an option for the Republic.
01[12:26] <Kingbeckwith> Yes, this could work. I've been negotiating with the Japenese to create an economic cooperative between Asia and Africa.
[12:27] <@Yerushalayim> The Republic has little interest in trade with other continents. However, we will accept a pact with the Japanese should it provide a clear benefit for the development of emerging African nations.
01[12:29] <Kingbeckwith> Indeed, the purpose of such a pact would be to promote trade with other regions of the world for the benifit of Africa. It would also increase security cooperation in the Indian Ocean, which is important given how much African shipping goes through there.
[12:30] <@Yerushalayim> I suggest that an African pact be drawn up and ratified by the current African powers, before any official agreements are put in place with non-African regions.
01[12:31] <Kingbeckwith> This makes sense. The African pact ought to be a straight forward affair, no need to complicate it with outside entanglements.
[12:33] <@Yerushalayim> Quite right. Given our shared borders, I suggest that Axum and the Republic be the first signatories. Others, who join this conference at a later time, should be enticed to join us.
01[12:35] <Kingbeckwith> That could work, we prefer persuasion rather than force. We find it makes for better partners in the long run.
[12:35] <@Yerushalayim> Wars are wasted resources. I agree that we should default to the carrot, rather than the stick.
[12:36] <@Yerushalayim> At this point it seems that we are in agreement. I suggest that a treaty draft be written and submitted for ratification.



ooc- this conversation transpired before bio joined the convo. Anyone can join in at anytime. A transcript will be there for you to see what was said before hand. 

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"Alexandria is committed to keeping Africa free of foreign influences. We encourage peaceful solution to any and all continental disputes, but I hope I don't speak for myself when I say I will defend any African nation if peaceful options have all dried up. Then, and only then, will Alexandria commit aggressive military forces to ensure Africa stays in African hands." 

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