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Éirinn agus Albain

Padraig Rua

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Under the wide blue sky above Ireland on this unusually sunny day in the city of Baile Átha Cliath outside the GPO, the sight of the Proclamation of the Irish Republic of 1916, a gathering of prominent and influential delegates from across Ireland and Scotland awaited the official proclamation of their new state by Domhnall Ó Daire, Reachtaire of the Provisional Government of Ireland and Scotland. The delegates were a mixed bunch standing out in the heat on O'Connell's Street. The majority of the Irish delegation wore formal attire. Such as black suits with green ties. Each one a different shade of green. Some dark. Some light, and some a medium between the two. A tokenistic gesture of patriotism for the public no doubt. The women wore apparel of a high quality. Not a dress was the same colour or design. Their hair was done up for the occasion in a variety of fashions. Mainly traditional braids. The men were clean cut and shaven. Each one prim and proper.


Some, however, wore casual clothing. A pair of blue jeans with a black or white shirt and a blazer. Others wore black pants instead of jeans. These men and women were of the people. And their upkeep enforced that association. From big bushy beards to long hair, it was clear to be seen that they did not think of themselves too highly. The right mentality if a possible politician sought to be elected in Ireland. Localism was still strong in Irish politics. The way you presented yourself meant a lot. The Scottish were much the same in their clothing. Though, as expected, a good few kilts were to be seen. From the all too familiar red of the Royal Stewart to those without a tartan at all, much deviance was to be seen amongst the wearers of the kilts. All in all, the assembled crowd looked well and ready.


It was midday by the time the much anticipated Domhnall Ó Daire ascending the steps of the occasion-built platform outside the GPO. The crowd was dead silent as he approached the podium. Dressed in casual smart clothing (black pants, a dark purple shirt, a grey blazer) the Reachtaire placed his two hands upon the sides of the podium and began to speak:


" A dhaoine uaisle, a chairde. Tá fáilte romhat go dtí an ócáid mór seo. Is ócáid an-tábhachtach é idir Éirinn agus Albain, gan amhras ar bith. Is ócáid stáiriúil é. Is rud maith é.


Ireland and Scotland have finally come together in one union. Brothers and sisters united in their common Gaelic identity. In the past the Bruce's tried to create what we seek to do now. To unite our two countries. They claimed it was justified as we had a common language and culture. And this common language and culture has persisted to this day. With some additions along the way of course. Now we throw off anything which may bind us to be separate. Now we declare our common union.


I officially declare our political union formed. Elections will be held soon so that the people may decide what kind of government shall govern our two states. Until then we make ourselves known to the world. May our nation never fall.


Éirinn agus Albain go brách!"



Domhnall's words were met with rapturous applause. The people were jubilant. Throughout the lands of Ireland and Scotland would be a storm of celebration for a good week to come. The pubs will be packed. The streets full. The peoples hearts content and joyful.

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To: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ireland and Scotland

From: The ministry of the Exterior of the Faraway Realm


To whomever it concerns,


With our recent war concluded and the Faraway Realm recreated in most of its core territories, the Realm has seen it fit to ask for a meeting with the Gaelic people of the Isles. It is our opinion that our two countries might have great potential for economic ties and a mutual interest in transatlantic cooperation.


With regards,

Florence de Pétèvellier, Minister of the Exterior

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Seol: An Roinn Gnóthaí Eachtracha Ríochta Faraway

As: An tAire Gnóthaí Eachtracha


A chairde,


First of all I would like to congratulate you on the behalf of our two state union in the reconstruction of your nation after your war with the American Commonwealth. We are glad to see that peace has triumphed once again in the North American continent.


We would be delighted to engage in diplomatic relations with a nation of such stability and long standing as that of your own Faraway Realm. I invite you to come to Galway to discuss the multitude of connections we could establish between our two nations. I look forward to your visit.


With the best regards,


An tAire Gnóthaí EachtrachaSeònaid Ní Uallacháin



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