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Operation Sand, and Storm


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“What is today’s agenda looking like, James? Don’t give me too much, it’s early today.”


“Well sir, we’ve noticed some rebel cartels down in Baja planting and trying to cut in on our business, by smuggling it across the border, they’re offering lower quality for a low price. What should we do about this?”


I didn’t want to expand so fast, but I’m being left no choice. Hawaii is so far away, so they wont be harming our economy yet, Cascada legalized up to a gram, but before how long will they realize that they can make a lot more money off of two grams, three, four… they need to be dealt with. Then we have Baja. My head hurts.


“We need to do something about Baja. What’s their combined population?”


“About 1.5 million, give or take, sir.”


“Send in ten thousand troops, that leaves us with about 500k, tell them to go to the border of Baja, and Baja Sur. Once they’ve taken Baja, let them tell us if they’ll need reinforcements for Sur.”


“As you wish sir, I’ll ask ministerio Dávid to start his incursion to root out the rebels and take the Baja’s. Does he have full control over the mission?”




“On a side note, sir, the gangs of Oakland have returned with Intel on Cascada.  We’ve identified their Radar centers, their military runways, civilian runways, airbases, and their anti-air network. It seems their air force is extremely weak, and unprotected right now. “


“Hmm… inform ministerio Hamill to ready the jet’s and bombers. We will show them what happens when they try to take Californian land. I’m just glad that we didn’t have to send troops to our own land, I’m glad they fell for your ruse.”


“Me too, sir, me too.”


“James, before I send you off, ready the military, and have ministerio Dávid to select a commander to lead 400k troops to the border of Cascada, and wait on my command to invade Oregon. We’ll need their timber before too long to support our growing industry.”


“I’ll take my leave now, and I’ll go talk to Dávid, and Hamill.”






“You will leave tonight, we want to hit while they think we’ve left them along after the del norte incident. Your orders are to hit their Radar centers, their military runways, civilian runways, airbases, and their anti-air network. You will give your life in the name of the Network. We will also be launching missiles at Oregon’s communications systems; cell phone towers, electric grids. We’re not aiming to kill any civilians, so you are not to attack civilian airports, just their runways. You have your orders, now go.”


The men who were seated got up, saluted, and walked calmly to their planes, freshly built F-22’s, and Tu-160’s. They were ready for anything, leaving from Redding commercial airport, so it would look like nothing was amiss as planes always take off from commercial ports. With that, they were up in the air, racing towards Cascada, they were given a list of targets to hit, then to fly home, land, refuel, and wait to give cover for the 400k soldiers on their way to the border.


Hamill was waiting for an hour before he heard his Pilots break radio silence.


“Closing in our first target, confirmation needed to engage.”






“Confirmation to continue with rest of targets?”


“Engage, are you all over Oregon?”


“Yes, sir.”




“Ready the missiles, we’ll be attacking their communications in Oregon.”


Hamill only had to wait ten minutes this time.


“Final confirmation needed.”


“Confirmed. Fire.”







“Jon, when will the troops reach the border of Oregon?”


“Two days sir.”


“If they try to move into North California, we’ll just bomb the !@#$ out of them until you arrive.”


“Don’t take all of the fun.”







“Ministerio Dávid! We’ve taken a few locations from the cartels, and we’ve pushed down to San Quintín, we’ve lost 500 brave soldiers so far, they’re fighting tooth, and nail. We’ll push them down to Sur before too long. We’ll stop here for the night.”


“Thank you for your report. I want you to keep pushing till you reach the border, tomorrow. There shouldn’t be too many of them left. When You reach Sur, let me know, and I’ll inform el Presidente.”





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James was nervous as to wake up el Presidente so early, but it was vital information. He breathed a few times before knocking on the door, there was no sound, and he knocked again, a little louder. “What do you want, James?”


“Sir, I have news!”


“Come in, James.” el Presidente put on some clothes to meet James. “What.”


“Sir, we can’t seem to see any movement from Cascadian troops. We don’t know what’s going on, but our troops are at the border, what are your orders?”


“Don’t invade yet, I want to talk to their leader first, I think we’ve shown them we mean business, and they wont try to take any more Californian land. We’ve shown our might. Tell them to wait on further orders.”


“Very well sir.” James replied with a sigh of relief. I just came back from New Babylon today, and they’ve been very forthright, and nice with us. They’ve agreed in principle to a free trade agreement. “


“This is good news, I’m glad you woke me, James. You’ve done well.”


“Thank you sir, I’ve received word from Ministerio Dávid, we’ve claimed Baja California in the name of the Network, and we’re currently pushing out aid to build up the tourism industry, and to help rebuild any damage done by the fighting.” James stopped short, he was kind of scared about what was going to happen next. “We’re waiting on your orders on pushing into Sur. But…the Mexican Federation is now trying to claim the land for themselves. What do you want to do?”


“We’re still moving forward with the plan, we’re protecting ourselves and the people, we do not know if this Federation has the publics best interests in heart. Continue pushing south. I want our flag flying high at the southern most point of the Sur.”


“As you wish, sir.”

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