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Confessions of an Alliance Failure(And How To Fix It)|By Knights111

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I tried, and tried, and tried. I worked as an active member, every day up at 5:30, asleep at 10:00. I am knights111, and i lead an alliance failure. Here, i am going to not only tell you the mistakes i made, but also how to fix them and make sure you don't do it yourself. I lead the Brotherhood of Kings, later known as the Central Intelligence Agency of Black Nations. Although you may know me as that idiot from The German Empire, but really, i was more than that. I was ignorant, selfish, and didn't care. If you want an alliance, you have to be selfless, you have to not act as if your members are simply another number. They want to mean something, and if you do not let them have that, then they just are not going to be on your side.


When i formed the Brotherhood of Kings, i was in a situation where i had a satellite alliance on me. If you are not aware what a satellite alliance is, well, let me tell you. First, the alliance is not in-game, but most members are based in one alliance. Second, there forums are located on a larger alliances forums.

Well, anyway, first you have to understand what your problems are. For me is that i was being someone that i was not. I did not believe in equality, and if someone disrespected me i would throw a fit like a little 2-year-old. When people give you advice, you have to take it. If your nation is below 500 days old, i would say it would be safest to just not try. People will not respect you. If you want to jump right into leadership, then go and play NationState. I got advice from many people, and i was stubborn and did not take it. It is good to do whatever it takes to know what your problem is.


This is a big one. When i formed my alliance, i had no clue how. I said "oh! I have played before!" and sure, i did, but i never signed up on the forums, i never made an alliance, i never joined an alliance. You want to make sure you have played for a while. at the time of my alliance creation, i was no more than 95 days old. You need to grasp the concept that you have no clue what you are talking about, even if you do. Ask people "Am i smart? Do i know the game well?" and respect there answers. You need this to be successful. Before you go on, you may be thinking "This is terrible! Guide to alliance creation is better!", and it may be. But i am not telling you things directly, I am telling you the things you need to do to do those things there.


In the real live world, trends are everything. CyberNations is the same. If someone is talking bad about your alliance, and that person gets more people on his side, people are not going to join your alliance. So, if people say you don't know what you are doing, either disband or hire someone to help you out. It is that simple, really. You don't want to be all full of pride and try to prove them wrong, you want to listen. If you do not listen to what they say about you or what they want, you will fail in the end.




About The Author

Knights111 is a retired member of CyberNations and has since taken the role of a scribe on the forums. Knights111 has written his first book, Confessions of an Alliance Failure(And How To Fix It), and is in the process of writing Confessions of an Alliance Failure Volume #2.

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