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Relative History Conference


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Grand Ballroom of Hotel Grande Bretagne, City of Athens, Athenian Federation 


Dr. Hugo ( notable man of notable-ish science, regular host of scientific events, onetime speaker for Procinctia’s Technocratic Progress Party, resistance leader against Mara Lithaen's Alaska, destroyer of the Pacific Garbage Patch) stood to address the conference.

"Welcome to a first relative history conference.

I would like to display gratitude to generosity of today's Athenian hosts.

From our less-then-humble accommodations, our security, to your drivers outside, no expense was apparently spared.

Our topic for today is unlike anything before it.

History is relative to geography.

Not something mundane as revisionism or historical accounting.

Observable chronology is literally altered by arbitrary political boundaries. 

Generalissimo's Final Observation was groundbreaking yet inconclusive on it's enlightening subject matter.

I yield the floor to man himself on his observation."



Generalissimo on a Laptop, online courtesy of automatic Procinctian remnant government systems protocols

”This is a pre-recorded message from Generalissimo, Generalissimo of Procinctia, intended carry on international research concerning Generalissimo’s Final Observation and geographic-chronology-historiographal-relations in circumstances where I have vanished in unspecified Arctic death for a period in excess of one year real-time. Calling it now - it was really Kaiser Martens - who else could possibly outmaneuver me? Everyone deserves to know the real truth. What now Martens? The veil has been lifted. All of the advantages are clearly mine Kaiser. Even you can't kill a dead man. With phase six of Generalissimo's ongoing revengeance completed it's onward to SCIENCE

Scenario 07-V  

Angelina Young, Hugo, Liska, Subtleknifewielder, Don Brando, Emperor Justinian, Yoriko, Botha, Fjodor Leclerc, and/or Sarah Tintagyal are holding an international scientific conference on the subject following my official declaration of death. Today we discuss Generalissimo's, rather my, final observation. All delegates have a copy of the letter announcing the final observation. Going to pause a moment for everyone to read it again. Just making an effort for that everyone might be caught up. 

ere are many unexplainable oddities in the historical record, like once with time, are completely overlooked by most. Most have been willing to accredit discrepancies to occasional historical inaccuracies; however, I can prove this to be untrue.

  After the end of forties, the world was split into two—East and West.
This marked the beginning of the era known as the Cold War.
From nineteen fifties through the nineteen eighties this world was plunged into a battle for influence. . .
. . .a battle between the twin power blocks of United States of America and Soviet Union.
In year Nineteen-Fifty-Three Slavorussia overtook and brought down the Soviet Union.
Engineers regularly refer to ‘Cold War’ technology.
Generalissimo is a cold war veteran from the nineteen seventies.
How are these mutually contradictory facts all true?

I came across an entirely new perspective in my dealings with a modest country called Tahoe.
Tahoe’s history is chronicled continuously from America’s civil war, but I distinctly recall several other distinct defunct political entities controlling California and western North America prior to Tahoe’s emergence on the international scene. Having toured pre-Tahoe California firsthand Tahoe’s account seemed improbable and simply assumed President O'Deaghaidh was an incredible lair and everyone in that county was brainwashed into accepting the party line, it was not until I realize discrepancies in time another possibility was considered.

From the year Two-Thousand Anno Domini, demographics in countries rapidly shift, often against all logic. Newly established states regularly have vastly different peoples than their predecessors, without reference to previous groups without an adequate explanation of the newcomers. It’s not limited to mere populations, but history itself.
I propose that history, or the perception thereof, is subject to perspective.
Subjective history is related, somehow, to relative time.


Crazy, right?

I can understand how nobody else realized this earlier.

Contemplating it any length of time has my head literally hurting.

How could history or chronology somehow alter based on arbitrary political boundaries?

Not something I could resolve in this lifetime.

I don't have any real answers.

A curious problem even beyond the grasp of a generalissimo.

International scientific elite, however, ought be rather capable of addressing this.

Nothing a good conference isn't able to handle!"


As the laptop fell silent Hugo cut into the brief silence.

"Liska Atka, yes that Liska, has a case study that she will present later by teleconference.

Otherwise in meantime I have assembled a few bits of data on temporal geographic relativity that may come in handy."


Relevant Threads and Theories


Generalissimo’s Observation: Time passes differently in accordance with cartographic boundaries.


Arctica-Transvaal time arbitrarily designated ‘real time’.

Generalissimo Scale Comparisons with common Cartographic-Temporal- Progressions 
One Month Real Time = One Year [insert country here]
One Week Real Time = One Month [insert country here]
One Week Real Time = One Year [insert country here]
Three Weeks Real Time = One Year [insert country here]

Liska’s Observation: Age progression is somehow determined by citizenship
Individuals outside their own political-temporal-boundaries will age at the rate of place of citizenship


Generalissimo’s Observation: (http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=71942)

Generalissimo Scale - scientific conference: (http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=74249)

Generalissimo Scale -- - scientific conference Refinement of Analysis (http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?/topic/90254-generalissimo-scale-2nd-scientific-conference/)

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