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With the conflict in the Low Countries nearing a conclusion and a semblance of law and order returning to the European continent it was time to proceed with pre-war plans for unification. As such one of the first acts under the new Underwood-led Foreign Affairs ministry was to set the preparations for such unification however using a slightly different style and venue than used before. Rather than picking a single room for formal negotiations something less formal would be chosen and rather than specifically inviting every nation a general invitation would be sent to all European countries. As such the various leaders would receive a letter from the Imperial Palace.




Dear <Insert name of leader>,


With this letter I would like to formally invite you, or a delegation acting on your behalf, to a ball at the Doge's Palace in Venice for the opportunity to discuss the matters of the continent in an informal setting. For too long has our continent known war over often silly disputes and for too long have failed attempts at unity held this continent back. It is my hope that this ball will provide to us all the opportunity to rise above our histories and establish a Europe capable of standing the test of time and worthy of its position as a global leader.


Yours sincerely,

Her Imperial Highness Ariadne Notaras of Heraclius, Megale Autokrateira of the Athenian Federation and her overseas territories, Queen of Carthage, Protector of the Old World, Supreme Commander of the Hellenic Forces, Priestess of the Cult of Athena, Speaker of Zeus, Incarnate of Athena, Heroine of the revolution.






Acting on behalf of the Transitional Authority the de facto head, Prince William of Orange, would respond to the invitation with acceptance and prepare for a trip to Venice.

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Your Highness,
This is truly a honor to receive such an invitation. On the behalf of the Czechoslovak people and the Czechoslovak Democratic Republic, I graciously accept this invitation, and will promptly make preparations for the trip to the City of Venice. I look forward to meeting with you and with the other European leaders.
Your sincerely,
Edvard Havel,
Chairman of the Interim Authority,
Czechoslovak Democratic Republic





Shortly after sending the letter, Havel would make preparations for the trip to Venice.

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An austrian delegation led by the Chairman of the Executive Committee would attend the conference. A lettered reply containing their affirmation and thanks would be couriered to the appropriate office.

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Prussia would send a delegation headed by Minister for Foreign Affairs Klaus Spreckels. Minister Spreckels would be assisted by a small team of Bundeswehr staff headed by Korvettenkapitän George van den Berg charged with analyzing military matters brought up during the meeting. 

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The secretary of Max Alvarsson, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sweden, was sitting at her desk while the minister met with King Gjord when she received the message. She had learned from past experience not to mention any invitations in the presence of King Gjord as he usually found way of attending, especially when his presence would cause problems. One of the sole exceptions being the visit to Athens when the treaty was formed. She continued to wait for almost an hour before King Gjord left the office and she was able to enter the office of the Minister.


"Sir, an invitation to Venice for a ball has arrived from Athens"

"Hmmm, that sounds interesting, have a jet prepared for the trip, we'll leave once we have prepared"


A few hours later the jet would be sitting on the runway, loaded with the Minister and a select few staff, all seated and started on their pre-drinking. As the aircraft took off and finished the ascent the conversation between the men shifted from the affairs of Sweden to swapping stories about King Gjord. As one of the staff eventually commented "Just imagine what would happen if he came along" they heard the toilet flush, no one had gone in since the flight began. As the door opened it revealed King Gjord.

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His Majesty King Mars Graves, Sovereign of Iceland



Megale Autokrateira of the Athenian Federation,


It would be my honor to attend this ball regarding European relations. I commend yourself and the Athenian Government for taking this step in establishing the stepping stones for European cooperation. 


King Mars Graves

Sovereign of Iceland

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Alexander arrived a few days prior to the gathering to both enjoy and take in the scenic beauty of the historic city- as well as to conduct some business. Trade between his country and the Athenians had never been greater, and there were more than a few commercial calls he intended to take having been enlisted by his industry to negotiate specific accounts on their behalf. A shrewd purveyor of systems he looked to business as he did his research, another domain with its own mechanics, but which was nonetheless defined in its operations. Top on his list was the continued leg work involved in eventually negotiating a port on the adriatic - mediterranean commerce seeming both far more secure as well as well as potentially lucrative for its proximity to the suez. The sun set outside as he poured over the work to be done, so few hours in the day, so much work.

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As the day of the event approached security within and near Venice would be upgraded to unprecedented levels. With the Hellenic Air Force making constant patrols, almost the entire Italian Home Guard in the region and even an exception to the no naval ships in the Mediterranean policy of the Hellenic Navy there would be no way anyone could reach the Doge's Palace. At the palace itself High Guard had already established various perimeters to form a last line of defence should everything else fail. 


The various delegations would be escorted by High Guard from the Venice Air Force Base to the Doge's Palace where they would be guided to a central hall, for now they would be allowed to mingle amongst each other and were informed the Megale Autokrateira and Magistrate of Foreign Affairs would join them shortly.

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