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TSI-Mandated Sierra Leonean Elections

Markus Wilding


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Elections have begun in Sierra Leone to determine who shall lead a new government. Candidates for Presidential election are those who have passed through to the primaries and as such some parties will not be represented.


All parties have stated their intent to rework the Constitution, but some, notably those in the Afro-Military Front and Silver Legion, have stated their intent to radically alter it to "protect the liberties and safeguard the Sierra Leonean people against future foreign aggression." What exactly this entails is unknown. Those in the Communist and Imperial parties have declared their intent to ban fascists and fascist-leaning groups in an attempt to prevent the chain of events from last year which led to a civil war.


In terms of foreign politics, all have stated their intent to uphold and reaffirm the treaty signed with the Irish early last year. The Afro-Russo Party is the only party who has declared their intent to work with a specific foreign power.


All votes and voting stations will be closely monitored by the Independent Voting Committee of Sierra Leone and any TSI/UN forces who wish to observe.

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Small teams of Legionnaires, consisting of four men each,  are stationed at each poling station dressed in Class A formal uniforms and are armed with only their issue side arms. These men are tasked with assisting the elderly, passing out water, and in general giving what support to the Independent Voting Commision that they request. Prior to the polls opening, Engineering teams set up tents for shade and seats for comfort for those who need them. Should transport to and from polling centers be needed, Legion vehicles and drivers are avaliable as a public service.

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Civilian elements of the Polish Standing Contingency Task Force would be flown into Sierra Leone from the Legion base they had been hosted at. These would be independent election monitors that would be on hand to verify some voting results, and watch for inconsistencies are polling and vote counting facilities.

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Maximillian Ionaster has been elected to the position of President of Sierra Leone. Isabelle Deon has been elected Vice President after a tallying of votes for both her and former President Jamie Walker.


The Educated People's Union has gained majority in the House of Representatives.

The Afro-Russo Party and Communist Party have joined to form the Afro-Russo Communist Front.

The Afro-Military Front and Silver Legion have combined their electoral votes to form the Africa First League.

The Imperial Party has gained minority status in the House of Representatives.

Capitalist's League and Christian Alliance party members have split to join with one of the above mentioned coalitions.

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