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How is the 6% for moon colony citizens calculated?


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Stores 6% of citizen count at time of purchase




My moon colony is currently providing me 6.29% citizen boost. I have 230,175 total citizens, and after relocating my moon colony it has 13,622 citizens.


This results in a percentage increase of 13,622 / (230,175 - 13,622) = 0.0629.


I'm not complaining but I'm curious how it is actually calculated.

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are you sure you didn't set it while your pop was higher? Moving it and resetting it are different things iirc.


I literally reset it this morning when moving my stuff for Feb after realizing it was only about 4.5% prior.

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This is just a hunch, but it might have been using that 1.045 (ie. your total population including your moon colony) when determining your new 6%.


1.045 x 0.06 = 0.0627.


If that's the way it works, it seems like a bug.


Ah, I bet that's what it is.


When I was looking at this, I never thought to check that calculation to figure out where the 0.0627 came from..

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