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Land of Great Harmony

Evangeline Anovilis

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In his inmeasurable grace and generosity, today, the His Imperial Majesty, Yuan Jia, Emperor of Tianxia, of Japan and the Americas, has approved the creation of a Japanese nation state that shall encompass the ancient Japanese lands, as well as the lands associated with the Dai-Tōhoku Renpō. While the Japanese people thus shall govern themselves as they see fit, they shall remain within the Imperial Commonwealth under the wise and benevolent rule of the Emperor and living up to the most humane and honourable principles that are laid out in the Commonwealth Charter.


The new state shall be successor to the Dai-Tōhoku Renpō, inheriting its rights and duties among the nations, as well as its agreements and structures. From this day on, which shall be remembered in our proud history, the Japanese nation shall continue the heritage of our ancestors, the service to our Emperor and our contribution to humankind. It shall strive to become a respected nation within the international community and a worthy member of the family of nations among the Commonwealth.


Nippon banzai!

Tennō-heika banzai!

Speech delivered by the honourable Konoe Nobuhisa before the Japanese people, in the name of the Emperor.


Brought to you by the NHK.

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I, Emperor Yuan Jia, do hereby proclaim the Yuan-Hapsburg Dynasty of Japan, in personal union and Fraternity with the Imperial Commonwealth and the Empire of Tianxia, and do hereby authorize the Imperial Government of Japan to hold elections for a Diet and send me a Prime Minister who can form a government that can govern this nation.  


Yuan Jia I Emperor of Japan.


OOC:  For the OOC record, the Imperial Family will remain heavily involved and in some cases directly minister Kyoto and Tokyo areas, hands off in the rest (excluding the Ryukyus), the Senkakus, Bonin, and northern Islands shall be jointly administered.  However, please mark all the main islands in Eva's chosen color including Tokyo and Kyoto for the sakes of aesthetics.

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To His Imperial Majesty Yuan Jia, Emperor of Tianxia, Japan and the Americas,


As requested, elections have been held across the Japanese nation and the popular will has been translated into our National Diet. Also, a cabinet has been assembled which has the support of the majority of the Diet. We thus report to you to acknowledge the results of our free and fair elections and Nakamichi Minoru who enjoys the confidence of the majority.


Additionally, we would like to request that the Honourable Konoe Nobuhisa be granted the title of Grand Stward of Japan, to oversee the Japanese nation in your most noble name. It is the opinion of the Diet that he has ruled fairly and with the necessary prudence and distance to represent the benevolent and wise Imperial will in our country.


With our most humble regards,

Kunisaki Goemon, Speaker of the House of Representatives

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