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Fourth Duma Elections in the Russian Empire

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Russian citizens will again be going to the polls to pick their representation in the Imperial State Duma. Millions of voters are expected to cast ballots to decide who will fill the Duma’s 701 seats.


United Russia suffered from an unexpected upset at the hands of the Russian Fatherland Party in the last election, but pundits predict that UR is in place to take back the majority of Duma seats following weeks of intensive campaigning by political powerhouses like Vladimir Putin, Dmitry Medvedev and Prime Minister hopeful Alexander Kropotkin.


During his first term as Prime Minister, Kropotkin oversaw the largest expansion of Russian territory since the reign of Catherine the Great, an accomplishment Communist Party leaders have lambasted him for.


In recent weeks Kropotkin has tried to paint himself as the Russian Otto von Bismarck, but critics staunchly oppose his aggressive approach to foreign policy and his hands off approach to domestic affairs. Even within his own party United Russia Deputies are calling for him to take decisive action against the East Ingushetia wall project and to prevent the governments of the constituent states from destroying national landmarks and nationally run transportation networks. Nevertheless it has become clear that although he may be the favored candidate to become the next Prime Minister, Alexander Kropotkin has a difficult battle ahead of him.

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Election results in. No clear winner


There is uncertainty tonight as no party is able to claim a clear victory. United Russia (UR) leads with 311 seats, while the Russian Fatherland Party (RFP) holding on to 280 seats.


RFP leader Konstantin Chernov is furious over the results and is demanding a recount. He says his party won significantly more seats and that UR’s conduct during the election should be investigated. Already claims of electoral fraud are being passed down by prominent Duma Deputies.


Prime Minister-designate Alexander Kropotkin is already in negotiations with more moderate RFP members with the goal of gaining their support. Additionally Socialist Party leaders say they are close to an agreement that would result in a Socialist-UR coalition.

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After days of negotiations and backdoor deals Prime Minister-designate Alexander Kroptokin has formed a government. United Russia and the Socialist Party will form a coalition. United Russia with 311 seats along with the Socialist Party's 67 seats will be able to form a majority against the  Russian Fatherland Party with 280 seats and the Communist Party with 43.


Monarch – Mikhail Alexandrovich Romanov III and Nikolas Aleksandar Peaceheart


Chairman of the Government – Alexander Kropotkin (UR)
Deputy Chairman of the Goverment – Antonin Boskovic (UR)
Minister of Foreign Affairs – Pytor Chernenko (Soc)
Minister of Internal Affairs – Dmitry Medvedev (UR)
Minister of Finance – Felix Glubov (UR)
Minister of Defense – Vladimir Putin (UR)
Minister of Emergency Situations – Mila Kolesnikov (Soc)
Minister of Justice – Boris Yurlov (UR)
Minister of Industry and Trade – Maxim Toporov (UR)
Minister for Economic Development – Georgy Svalov (UR)
Minister for Regional Development – Alexei Azhishchenkov (UR)
Ministry of Health – Maria Pavlenko (Soc)
Minister of Labour and Social Affairs – Grigory Zaporozhets (UR)
Minister of Education and Science – Roman Gagolin (UR)
Minister of Transport – Miroslav Garmash (UR)
Minister for Energy Natural Resources and Environmental Protection – Viktor Nikitin (UR)
Minister of Culture – Natalia Nazarbayev (UR)
Minister of Agriculture – Bulat Akhmetov (UR)

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“Vaulian Prime Minister Pavel Rokossovsky offers his congratulations to the Prime Minister-designate on his successful formation of a governing coalition. Prime Minister Rokossovsky also wishes to offer his congratulations and best wishes to both United Russia and the Socialist Party.”-PM Spokesperson




With the coalition having the clear and indisputable majority of the deputies in the Duma, Prime Minister-designate Alexander Kropotkin would receive an official invitation to meet with the Imperator. At that meeting, Prime Minister Kropotkin would be invited by the Imperator (on behalf of the Crown) to form a government.

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Tianxia congratulates its most esteemed allies on the outcome of the election and invites the new government to travel to Zhongnanhai at its earliest convenience to discuss how the Empire may help Russia's new government achieve its goals both at home and abroad.

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