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Nation Gone, as well.


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Actually, I've noticed that there was a reply to the Nation Gone topic posted by geptick. We are not multis. We may have the same computer, but we live together. We are, in fact, two different people. So if we are not allowed to play this game because we live in the same household, then that's just ridiculous. No one is cheating. We were playing the same game but taking care of our own countries without the help of the other. I do not understand why our nations just get deleted without being questioned or warned at first. That's really unfair. What's the point of a warn level if it's not going to be used?

And if it's about trading and aid, I have not received any aid and we haven't even traded resources with each other, so it appears that our only problem would be the IP addresses being the same and as I've read in previous posts, that shouldn't matter if we aren't helping each other out in those ways?

And just a suggestion: you should really work on this whole IP address thing anyhow because someone made the point about college campuses. It just appears to be a bad setup. Great game, poor admin skills.

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Wow there are different scenarios, okay?

You two are constantly logging onto the same I.P. Address again and again and again. You're gonna get deleted. It's against the rules to use the same I.P. - tough luck. For all mods know, you are building up 2 nations and when the apocalypse comes you're going to aid yourself like there's no tomorrow. Don't like it; leave the game. Are you paying for this game?

In college, if you're in a dorm with a roommate playing CN, one of you will have to quit CN. The problem college kids are talking about is they're worried if past kids living in the dorms have logged in from the IP address. If you go to college you still have to ask a mod for an IP check.

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Cybernations game rules

Multiple Users On The Same IP Address

Due to rampant abuse of the good faith of the moderation team, we will no longer be allowing multiple nations to be controlled on the same unique internet connection by different family members or roommates. By the estimation of our game moderation staff a large number of these reports of family members or roommates actually controlling these nations are entirely fraudulent and are being made simply as a free pass to cheat. The Cyber Nations Game Moderation team will be reviewing all previously reported "multies" and taking appropriate action where necessary. We have all the information we require for the investigation, so please do not bombard our game moderators with your specific pleas to save your nations. If you are not a multi, we will be able to tell.

Question answered

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