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Come to the Dark Side


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OOC: RP closed to myself, Kevz, Ian and Frost




As the various African delegates arrived they would be escorted by the High Guard to a central room, before entering their guards were told they had to stay behind as security would be taken care of inside. Once inside the room the sight would be truly impressive, art from every region of the Federation decorated the room as the sheer size would be intimidating by itself. The oval structure would further aid in disorienting the guests. They would be further escorted to a round gilded table with various scenes from Greek mythology reflected into it, once there they were told to take a seat. A few minutes later Ariadne walked in and took her own seat facing the delegates. 


"Welcome delegates, I have been expecting you"

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Pieter van Der Byl
Of all the delegates, Pieter van Der Byl probably looks like the most embarassing and most uncapable. He is followed by a functionary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs who carefully instructed him upon setting foot on Athenian soil.
"No drugs, no smuggling, no human trafficking, no abuse of alcohol and ANY.. i said ANY illegal or legal substances. You will stay away from brothels, you will stay away from anything that vaguely relates to prostitution. No nightclubs, no strip clubs, and no casinos. Orders of the State President, Mr van Der Byl."
While carefully listening to these words, Minister van Der Byl steps out the 40 years old Air Rhodesia Vickers Viscount airplane and is quickly escorted to the meeting. 
He seems to be astonished by all the pieces of arts and cultures around him. Hell.. he shared offices with everyone back in Rhodesia before the completion of the building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. However, he is barely conscious of his sorroundings. 
He slowly takes a seat in the Central Room, looking at the ceiling and the walls like a kid watching fireworks for the first time. He politely nods "Pieter van Der Byl, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Rhodesia Nyasaland, at your service."
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Mr Joseph Hanze, the representative of the Kharak government agreed to leave his security outside the meeting room putting his trust in the Athenians to provide security. Of course the detail would be close enough to react if necessary. Inside the room Mr Hanze standing at an impressive six foot two inches tall and wearing a smart deep blue business suit would take in his surroundings as he made his way to his seat already trying to gauge the purpose behind the display of artwork.


Still not having reached a suitable conclusion Mr Hanze took to his seat and clasped his hands together in front of himself as he waited for the other delegates to arrive and take their seats. He didn't introduce himself to them or grant them acknowledgment and it was only when Ariadne entered the room and took to her seat that he himself reacted.


"Joseph Hanze, representing the Kharak nation and government. Thank you for the invitation to this meeting your Imperial Highness." Joseph said directly to Ariadne. 

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