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Project ZAKU


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Procinctia Armament remembers a simpler time when clunky mecha casually curbstomped Abrams tanks in open field.
Mechanized walkers optimized for combat seem are currently considered lost technology.
Advanced Aleutian research looks to single handedly bring back the days of mecha’s undisputed battlefield dominance.

To achieve this ambitious advancement the company is looking at the fifth generation prototype mecha, arguably the absolute zenith of mecha advancement, Liberty Prime and the Iron Chancellor; unmatched masterpieces of German engineering that dominated central Europe’s battlefields.

Procinctia Armament seeks to surpass the power of Liberty Prime and the Iron Chancellor – [b]COMBINED[/b]. . . Project ZAKU; the world’s only Sixth generation mecha.

To facilitate a sixth generation mecha Procinctia Armament is also looking to reengineer a variety of so-called ‘lost technologies’ like energy weapons, miniaturized Fusion drives, neural interfaces, and true artificial intelligence. We even considered genetically tailored Catgirls for pilots but this initiative was scrapped because of petty ‘moral’ concerns.

[size="4"]:Out of Character:[/size]
I know mecha are no longer applicable in CNRP.
I [b][i]really[/i][/b] know mecha are no longer applicable in CNRP.
Procinctia Armament, however, isn’t genre savvy to realize that mecha still can’t work.
Procinctia Armament also isn’t genre savvy enough to realize that certain other technologies can’t work in CNRP.
This initiative is going to fail spectacularly ~ just as planned!

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