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Proclamation of the Republic of Peru

Padraig Rua

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[center][size="5"][b][u]Republic of Peru[/u][/b][/size][/center]


[center][size="4"][b]With the fall of an empire, a old nation arises from its ruins. The Republic of Peru asserts itself over the lands of the old Inca. The Republic and her Provisional Government declare the right of the people of Peru to the ownership of Peru, and to the unfettered control of Peruvian destinies, to be sovereign and indefeasible. The Republic guarantees religious and civil liberty, equal rights, and equal opportunities to all its citizens, and declares its resolve to pursue the happiness and prosperity of the whole nation. May this be achieved through the path of Socialism.

[url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BbEKcPL37Go"]Long live the Republic![/url][/b][/size][/center]

Edited by Chancellor Patrick
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Public announcement:

"We greet another nation on this continent. May the future bring prosperity to us all."
[i]Louise Fran├žoise I de Vicidalia[/i]
Grand Princess of Vicidalia

In private:

Upon hearing these news, Louise sighed and thought 'Not another one of these red nations...'

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