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TE account vanished?


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OK, first of all just to confirm, TE accounts are continuous between rounds, correct? I'm *sure* I hadn't created a new one for quite some time, but I just wanted to confirm that.

Anyway, yesterday after TE came back up, I tried logging in and got an "incorrect username or password" error, I tried a couple more times with the same result. I didn't have much time then so I decided to deal with it today.

Anyway, today I tried again and naturally the problem was still there. I tried the "forgot password" option and it says my username wasn't on record or w/e. I then tried creating an account with the same username (AlexanderRM), and it was in fact available.

Fortunately, since it was my TE account in between rounds no harm done, I just created a new account. I mostly posted this to make sure that it's OK for me to make the new account, though I'm also wondering what happened. I was thinking that the accounts might have been wiped this reset, but if it had happened to everyone I'm sure someone would have asked about it by now.

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Your account should have been reserved through the reset, but it's possible that with the downtime during coding of the upgrades that the system auto deleted your user account for inactivity. I've turned that part of the auto delete routine off. Sorry you had to create a new account.

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