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Why has my income fallen?


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I noticed this today. My daily tax take has fallen from $124 to $121 per person since yesterday, and I can't see why - no change in technology level or trades. I've got Great Temple and Great Monument, so people are happy with their government and religion. I don't have a moon base, but am buying nuclear weapons. What is going on?

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[quote name='Lurunin' timestamp='1311171285' post='2759796']
each nuke reduces your environment a bit which affects happiness, which lowers income

Hmm. That still doesn´t explain so dramatic a fall. I noticed virtually no change in income untill I reached ten nukes. Is there a jump at ten?

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Each nuke causes a loss of .1 environment points. When your environment changes by so small an amount you only suffer some population loss until it becomes a full point (half a star) at which time the full penalties of an environment point loss are imposed. With that tenth nuke you finally reached that full environment point loss.

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