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Venture Into Novak


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Lord Ignacio de Soto having returned from a conference in Washington D.C. sat in his office after being appointed as the new Lord of Diplomats in the capital when he received a phone call from King Enrique detailing his next assignment.
"Igancio, I would like you to travel to Novak. See if you could acquire basing rights to land somewhere in Novak preferably with access to the Indian Ocean...maybe even secure us an ally in Novak."
"I'll make preparations and depart at the earliest junction and see that it is done...how is the trip treating you?"
"Very well, I'll have some good results to bring back home. That said I must continue to attend to things here. Take care."
"Adios my friend.."

Ignacio would send an encrypted letter to the head of government in Novak the next day and Ignacio had his entourage prepare for his departure. Ignacio's jet would be fully fueled and preparations to begin his journey to Novak would be fully completed within two days after the necessary visas and diplomatic passes were attained after his former position had been upgraded upon his return.

[quote]Greetings, Soliman

I am Lord Ignacio de Soto of New Spain, my liege King Enrique Bourbon has requested an audience with your government to discuss a potential treaty between our nations on the basis of a strategic friendship. Both of our nations are powerful and suited to expand our influences throughout the world...we would like to secure an ally in Africa and leasing of a base along the Indian Ocean to further our strategic aims and flexibility. We feel that Novak would have much to gain by a mutual leasing of base lands here in New Spain and a formal treaty securing this would increase both our nations stature in the world. Thus I request an audience with your head of government to discuss these possibilities and more.

Sincerely, Ignacio de Soto Lord of Diplomats


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Soliman called one of his aides in to his office.

"Send a reply to Lord Ignacio de Soto stating Minister Mali will receive him in a weeks time."


**Classified Message**

[quote]Dear Lord Ignacio de Soto,

Minister Mali will receive you next week in Riyadh.


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Ignacio would complete his arrangements in New Spain by attending some minor court issues before departing for Riyadh. He would travel in his usual jet and entourage of staff and personal body-guard. Flying along he would reach Novakian Airspace and be escorted to a private airfield in Riyadh.

Touching down on the tarmac Ignacio would reflect on some thoughts he'd had along the way concerning his business. "I wonder if Minister Mali will be receptive to our deal...our speedy diplomatic work has succeeded thus far in principle. A gateway to Africa is well within reach...this will be fun." Ignacio then stepped down from the plane onto Novakian land.

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