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The Phoenix Cobras

King James XVIII

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After an interesting round to say the least, The Phoenix Cobras are back.

We have no protectorates this round and we encourage all diplomats and leaders to visit our forum to open up an embassy.



Government is as follows

[u]King Cobras[/u]
King James XVIII and Burning Glory

[u]Cobra of Government[/u]

[u]Cobra of War[/u]

[u]Cobra of Internal Affairs[/u]

[u]Cobra of Awesomeness/Deputy Cobra of Nation Affairs[/u]

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[quote name='Clash' timestamp='1308605925' post='2736150']
Welcome back, Cobras.
Sure, use nukes if you must, but please keep bibs from hitting people with his cane?

[i]hits clash with his cane[/i] :lol1:

Good to see you back again clash. Here's to lots of fun in Round 18

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