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Yinepu's Blessing

Hekatawy I

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Preparing for the first state visit, the Nisut had ordered the streets to be cleared of rubbish or obstruction, as well as preparing quarters for their visitors. The City State of Kemet had never entertained foreign guests before, and as such, the dignitaries would teach the people of Kemet, just as much as the Nisut would teach them about Kemet. They waited eagerly for the arrival of Mogar and his delegation.

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OOC: I don't actually ever leave my skyscraper, IC i am incredibly paranoid about getting assassinated, but i would be happy to send a regular diplomat

Umeko Kazue was shaking out of nervousness and fear while riding in the elevator, there was only 1 floor this elevator led to, and that's the top floor. After waiting in the lobby outside Mogar's office, she was sent in, Mogar was sitting on a black leather sofa and didnt even look up as she entered, enthralled by his cell phone in his hands, she simply stood there, not wanting to do anything to potentially upset the most powerful man in the corporation. After a full minute he looked up with a smile and gestured for her to sit on the couch opposite his,
"What do you know of Ancient Egypt Miss Kazue?"

she hesitated for a moment, wondering why he would even ask a question he more than likely knew the answer to, but she replied "It was my Minor when I attended MoG[College]®, I studied it pretty extensively, their pantheon was always fascinating to me..."

"Excellent!" Mogar interrupted, having already known that, just asking the question to see if she could figure out where her first assignment would be, "How would you like to go on a trip to Egypt? there's a new city-state in Rebel Army that is bringing back their Pantheon once more, I'd like you to be our diplomat to this new state, and deliver a gift to them to assist in building their first Temple."

Umeko was stunned at her first assignment, her mind racing at the pressure he was putting on her shoulders "I won't let you down Sir!"

Mogar smiled, "of course you won't, there's a car outside waiting to bring you to Tripoli International Airport, where a diplomatic jet will bring you to Kemet."

Umeko bowed graciously to Mogar turning on her heel and quickly returning to the elevator, Mogar opened his laptop on the table between the two couches and opened up the security cameras, laughing at the footage of Umeko dancing up and down in the elevator "At least she waited until she thought she was alone to celebrate" he thought to himself, then picked up his phone to call his secretary to make sure the money would be in the waiting jet by the time Umeko arrived.

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