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[u][b][center]Crackdown begins[/center][/b][/u]

Over 200 members of the Republican Guard entered North Eastern Mongolia today in what is the beginning of a nation wide crackdown on criminal groups. Prime Minister Yanjmma promised the Mongol people better security when the Republic took power and he's making good on that promise by deploying troops to an area being plagued by bandits. Mongol officals stated that while Vaule and Cochin peacekeeping forces did an excellent job of protecting larger population centers, the country side was left to fall into the hands of opportunistic men who preyed on their fellow countrymen. Since the crackdown started over 36 people have been arrested, 13 shot dead in minor firefights and 4 buildings were seized. Republican Guard Commander Jadammba Chagev, stated it has been so far a very successful operation and that it should end within the coming weekend.

A Republican Guard member looking over arrested suspects in the nationwide crackdown, Commander Jadammba in the background.

[b][center]Parliament argues for Economic Reform[/center][/b]

Ever since the Republic was founded, Prime Minister Yanjmma and the 1st Parliament of the People's Republic of Mongolia have been exhausted in their efforts to push for an economic reform to revive the Mongol economy. Two decisions have been made, but parliament continues to be divided on them. Prime Minister Yanjmma gave no comment on what these economic reforms were.

[b][center]Conflict brews in the West[/center][/b]

It seems that the nation of Austria is plummenting into civil war, while we have been limited in the amount of information being given by our reports. It does seem that an opposition movement has begun in western Austria. Prime Minister Yanjmma commented that it is a Western crisis and that the PRM is in no postion to comment on it.

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[center][b]Dispatch to the People's Republic of Mongolia, From the United Federation of the East[/b][/center]

Beijing reminds the People's Republic of Mongolia that the global human rights of the Chinese People and the Chinese Diaspora must be respected. It is without a doubt possible for a picture to be taken out of context but never the less, the images in your press are disturbing.

Please be advised, the United Federation of the East supports all action taken against chaos, there are limits though to what we can stand by on. This message should be taken as a cautionary note and not an immediate threat of action.


Wei Hai, Grand Vizier of the United Federation of the East and Premier of the People's Republic of China

OOC: As Chinese is listed as a official language I am assuming there are Chinese in the country in some number. If you have any concerns about what constitutes and what does not constitute violations that the UFE would respond to feel free to PM me ahead of time.

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Prime Minister Yanjmma responded to the UFE comments shortly after he finished a meeting with the commander of the crackdown.

"We have in our custody, five Chinese speaking men who were armed during the time of their arrest. If the UFE wants these men handed into their custody they may request so, but understand this...Mongolia is not breaching human rights. We are crushing men who decided to prey on our own, who decided to steal for a living."

OOC: Kankou that was the only pic I could find that fit the context of the article. Its from Homefront, I know its Korean. But christ sakes.

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OOC: You can just say OOC to disregard the Korean writing on the pic.


The United Federation of the East has no desire to have them extradited. Those who broke your laws can suffer punishments. Just refrain from systemic abuses, not targeted at individual law breakers but groups.

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"Zargathia is pleased to see the People's Republic of Mongolia taking steps to continue the standards of safety and well being set by the Vaulian and Cochinese peacekeeper forces in the area. We trust the criminals referred in your article are receiving fair trials?"

OOC: Also, [url=http://imageshack.us/m/29/5407/homefront01lg.jpg]crisis averted[/url] ;)

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[b][center]Day 2 of Crackdown[/center][/b]

The Republican Guard continues an extensive crackdown to bring order to the Mongolian nation. In the last few hours 8 more people have been arrested and so far violence has been low. Republican Guard members believe with the way things are going the crackdown could end tommorrow, even today. "We are having alot of cooperation, so far we have detained people who are responsible for narcotics trade and various other crimes"-Commander Jadammba

[b][center]Economic Reform Pact and National Goals set[/center][/b]

Prime Minister Yanjmma late last night made a national broadcast to the nation, he was exhausted but somewhat thrilled. "we have come to an agreement" with those words the Economic Reform Pact was put into action just a few minutes later. The reform gives the government more power over the economy in order to regulate it. The Prime Minister stated in order to jump start the economy several million Togrogs are being put into various areas, mainly banks. Parliament is also setting a list of national goals for the republic to accomplish before the end of the year, just to list two off. Reform the Foreign Affairs Ministry and upgrade the Republican Guard's equipment. Reforming the Foreign Affairs Ministry is something that has been discussed for awhile, the FAM has simply been disapointing in the eyes of several parliament members. The Republican Guard continues to use outdated equipment from the Cold War era, compared to other military powers the Guard simply does not stand very well. An upgrade could cost upwards to several billion togrogs which is why it is as of right now, on the bottom of the list.

[b][center]Large Thunderstorms rage throughout Asia[/center][/b]

Several large thunderstorms have been making their way east across the PRM since yesterday and is expected to last on till 7:25 pm tonight. A warning has been issued to all Mongol citizens to be careful in the storms, Mongol officals believe the storms might make it to Zargathia but are skeptical that it will.

[b][center]Trial begins for criminals[/center][/b]
The people who have been arrested for various crimes are undergoing trial today, many of them face life sentences and even the death sentence. 14 of the inmates will be serving time in a Mongol labor camp for crimes against society for the next 6 years. 10 are facing life sentences and forced labor. 7 are being put to death for crimes that range from murder to rape. Only 2 inmate are receiving a single year sentence with no forced labor. The other 3 were found innocent and have been released.

OOC: thank you amyante for the pic :)
Also if you're wondering why ive been editing this alot, its because the damn thing keeps posting before I get done with it >_<

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"As Zargathia is a natural exporter of construction materials such as wood and iron, may we extend an invitation to the headquarters of our corporation in Harbin, Zargathia? We could discuss several long-term plans if you are interested."

The letter was signed by Reino Hilmarsson, Presidet a CEO of Singacorp.

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[center][b]Crackdown Ends[/b][/center]

Around 6:15 am today, the Republican Guard ended its intense nation wide crackdown. 20 more arrests were made along with 3 more dead. The commander stated the 3 dead were opium dealers killed in a fire fight when Guard members approached a house that a civilan (who will not be named for his safety) reported in. Commander Jadammba states his men will get some rest and then resume normal patrols around the western border.

[b][center]signs of recovery[/center][/b]

With the new reform in place, the Mongol economy seems to be picking back up. At least in larger cities, in the country side unemployment is still high and only farmers have a good source of income. Over 3,000 jobs have been made available thanks to the reform which gives the government power to regulate several buisnesses, lower the minimul wage, higher tariffs on foreign exports, and require most work places to give citizens at least 30 hours of work a week. While some are happy to see things improving, many are upset over the reform either saying its not enough or its simply not changing anything at all. The one thing that has irritated civilans is the drop in minimul wage, while the reform states that current employes would not be affected by the drop it still raised a few complaints. "you have newly employed workers complaining about getting paid too little, and then you have employees who aren't going to be affected complaining that it could hinder pay raise opportunties or hurt them when they go to find another job. You can't make anyone happy I guess" - Yung Bar, CEO of Batan Steel.

[b][center]Parliament[/center] [/b]
Today Parliament is discussing a new law to outlaw the selling of cigerettes in the Republic, stating they are unneccessary for people to buy and cause too many health risks. The Prime Minister has decided to go to Zargathia instead of the UFE for foreign aid, stating it was simply a matter of distance and sees it as an oppourtunity to build good relations with Mongolia's neighbor. Parliament passed a vote to improve road conditions in several areas of the country, the projected cost is at 4 million togrogs. Finally, Parliament failed to pass a new law that would require all civilans not speaking one of the offical languages to take a state run class to learn them or face a fine.

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[b][center]Republican Guard up border control[/center][/b]

Acting apon request from Parliament, the Republican Guard is deploying upwards to 1,500 troops to the northern border as Vaule peacekeeping forces withdraw from the nation. More troops are being deployed to the south and west to overwatch Soldanian and Zargathian border traffic. Parliament is pressing for tighter border control and tougher laws for crossing into the Mongolian State.

Republican Guard APC patrolling the border

[b][center]Mongolian researchers begin work on new fighter aircraft[/center][/b]

Mongolian researchers at the National University have begun work on a new fighter craft to replace the outdated Mig-23. They hope to create something that could go head to head with some of the top fighter craft currently in use by other nations.

[b][center]Prime Minister disgusted by Austrian outcome[/center][/b]

In a recent interview, Prime Minister Yanjmma expressed disapointment towards the recent developments in the Austrian crisis. "It would appear that, diplomacy was never an option for either side" the Prime Minister then expressed his disapointment in the international community for what he called rushing into war, without knowing the consequences. "The people of Europe who support the Hapsburgs had better wish they win because if they lose they will have a state fixated against just about everyone in that region causing problems that could last for decades, and then they are those who support the rebel cause, either way from where im sitting Austria will lose this war, its people will lose this war, and everyone profitting from it will burn in the deepest pit of hell".

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While we are sad you decided to go with our neighbors, we do believe our nations can benefit from some trade. Thusly with authorization from the foreign ministry:

The Boeing East Corporation offers the F/A-18 Super Hornet Block 3 for a replacement to the Mig 23. Its capabilities will be far and away superior to both the Mig 23 and is based on already combat proven technology.

[quote][b]F/A-18 E/F Super Hornet Block 3 'Silent Hornet' Mongol Variant[/b]
Thrust: 35, 000 lbf dry, 55, 000 lbf with afterburner
Empty weight: 32,081 lb (14,552 kg)
Loaded weight: 47,000 lb (21,320 kg) (in fighter configuration)
Max takeoff weight: 66,000 lb (29,937 kg)
Combat Radius: 600 nmi
Range: 1400 nmi
Maximum Speed: Mach 2.2
Super Cruise: Mach 1.4
Avionics: The Silent Hornet is equipped with integrated AESA radar, synthetic aperture radar, electro optical IR, and LIDAR sensor systems. AESA radar is configured with low probability of intercept and direct energy attack capabilities against some vulnerable electronic systems based off of the capabilities of 5th Generation fighters. It is also capable of next generation jamming capability. Because the AESA can function as a broad band uplink, it is capable of and designed to transmit tailored data streams which give the new F/A-18 E/F a cyber warfare capability. The Silent Hornet is fly by light, giving it both excellent performance and resistance to most EMP weaponry.
Stealth Features: Although no 4th generation air frame can be true all aspects stealth, the Silent Hornet was designed to come as close as one could and be serviceable by less developed nations. Silent Hornet retains many of the reduced cross section features of the Block 1 and Block 2 Hornets, but builds on the legacy of the Boeing F-15 Silent Eagle, employing conformal internal weapons bays and is optimized for air to air stealth combat rather than air to ground. To compensate for the added weight, the Silent Hornet's air frame employs 3-d printed composite air frames which provide even more accurate shaping at a reduced weight and have greater flexibility for dealing with air resistance. The addition of internal weapons bays decreases total air resistance (relative to external weapons) and decreases the forward radar cross section of the air craft. This is further increased by more durable radar absorbent material coating developed for the F-35 C block, which is designed to stand up to the elements. The Block 3 has further increased its stealth features by a new engine which features both a 25 percent increase in total thrust and super cruise capabilities decreasing the IR detection of this aircraft. The engine has been reshaped with a thrust vectoring 'S' outlet configuration. For the weapons pylons on the outside of the aircraft, they have been reshaped with stealth in mind, reducing both drag and radar cross section (although still substantially more than with most regular weapons systems). They can also be jettisoned after use in high threat environments. The AESA radar system is one developed from Chongqing Aeronautic's AESA radar employed on the EF-50 Banshee, and while not as powerful, retains many of the low probability of intercept features increasing the chance of first radar detection and thus first kill. Further the AESA's cyber warfare, jamming, and direct energy capabilities give it an edge in air to ground combat. With a body optimized for air to air combat, and a cyber/electronic warfare suite and super cruise capability for air to ground, the Silent Hornet offers a comprehensive survivability packaged unmatched by the other 4th generation aircraft around.
1 20 mm M61 Vulcan Cannon
6 Internal Weapons Bay (can employ medium air to air and air to ground weapons)
6 External Stealth Pylons (can employ tactical fighter aircraft munitions or ECM pods)[/quote]

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Letter from the People's Republic of Mongolia to the United Federation of the East.

After a meeting around 11:35 this morning we have decided to pursue trading with the UFE. The State will begin discussions of purchasing the F/A-18 fighter plane. We ask for the cost of such a fighter and upon what time delivery can be made.

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Each plane has a cost of 75 million international bancors when over 60 of these are ordered. Less than 60 an the cost is 80 million interntaional bancors. Depending on the size of the order we can give you an estimation. For every 60 we shall open a new assembly line for these, the more you buy the more parellel production we can afford to buy. For your nation's estimated maximum capacity of 300 combat aircraft we estimate we can deliver them to you over the course of two years with 100 the first year, and 200 the second year.

OOC: Based on the assumption you continue to be under 500 tech for the X6 squadron multiplier and you have a max 50 aircraft potential IG.

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The Mongol State will purchase 20 planes.
While purchasing a large amount sounds nice, we must remind the UFE that the PRM is facing an economic recovery and for now 20 is what we can afford in our current plan to recover our financial assets. If the UFE wants, we have 30 Mig-23s being unused due to mechanical failure that can be made into scrap as a down payment.

OOC:Im a tech seller IG. Im not really going to have a high tech ratio anytime soon.

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[u][b][center]New military base constructed near Soldanian border[/center][/b][/u]

A new Republican Guard base was built in Western Mongolia near the Soldanian border, officals didn't comment on why the base was constructed but so far over 3,000 troops are operating out of the base and it has quickly become a primary supply base for the other Republican Guard stations in the Western region.

[u][b][center]New Mining Operations spearhead economic recovery[/center][/b][/u]

New mining operations in the north are showing alot of progess and creating hundreds of jobs for once unemployed Mongols. The mines are shipping critcal raw materials throughout the nation helping the once crippled Mongol economy recover much quicker than anticipated.

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[u][b][center]New roads finished[/center][/b][/u]

Mongolian construction crews finished the last stretch of road to be refurnashed. Members of parliament along with the CEOs of the construction companies heading the road refurnashing project funded by the government, stood by as the last stretch of road was finished. Construction crews were treated to a large outdoor meal and given the next three days off.

[b][u][center]Republican Guard launch wargames[/center][/u][/b]

The Republican Guard is launching wargames in Gobi Desert region and the North Western territories of Mongolia. Guard commanders stated the wargames will keep the Guard in prime shape and prepare them for possible wartime action. Several hundred dummy tanks will be destroyed and troops will learn to how to properly react to the possibilty of an enemy invasion, and how to best counter such an invasion.

[b][u][center]Republian Guard MiG crashes[/center][/u][/b]

A MiG-23 pilot crashed in Eastern Mongolia after his MiG-23's electronic systems went offline forcing the pilot to crash land his fighter during a routine patrol near the Mongolian-Zargathian border. Offical state that the fighter was not properly looked over by mechanics before taking off and state that stricter procedures will be put in place to prevent such an event from happening again. The pilot survived with bruses and a broken leg, "I am lucky to be alive".

[u][b][center]New Mongolian car hopes to end fuel demand[/center][/b][/u


A new Mongolian car concept from the Takhi corporation, hopes to at least cut down the demand for fuel in Mongolia. The new car is to be sold to the general public by the end of next week. The CEO of Takhi stated if the vehicle sells well in Mongolia he will push to export the car to other countries.

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[u][b][center]New Weapon to replace primary firearm in coming year[/center][/b][/u]

The Republican Guard has begun a new program to replace the aged AK-47 with a new weapon designed by the Mongolian Arms Development Division. The new weapon is being dubbed the MD-95 Assualt Rifle, its design was based on the Ak-47 so that it could be comfortable to Guard members who have primarily used the Ak-47 during their career. The new weapon is expected to completly replace the Ak-47 within the Guard in a year, for now only the 91st Enginner corps and the 2nd Parliamentary Guard will be equipped with the MD-95.


[u][b][center]Mongolian Soccer team loses to Zargathia[/center][/b][/u]

The Iron Wolves journey to the tournament has ended with a defeat from Zargathia, but despite that several Mongolians are reporting that they are very proud of their team. The Iron Wolves went as underdogs and got to the semifinals of the Cup of Nations, making it a nation rallying moment for the republic.

[b][u][center]New law will block sites[/center][/u][/b]

With more Mongolians having access to the internet parliament has decided to pass a new law blocking certain sites they deem unsafe for the general public, the names of these sites were not released but the block was activated this morning with little to no warning, one of the sites was a popular social networking site in Mongolia and has caused several to protest the nationwide block.

[u][b][center]Mongols see hike in taxation[/center][/b][/u]

After today a tax hike that will last till the end of the month has some grinding their teeth at parliament, the tax hike is to help pay for the various construction projects that helped rebuild the nation, improve the Republican Guard and help increase the national treasury. While some Mongols state the new tax hike doesn't bother them most are showing that they are getting impatient with the new economic policies of the Republic, a lowered minimun wage and higher taxe rate has people growing irritated at the government. Prime Minister Yanjmma openly stated that "its only temporary and will help the state overall"

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[b][u][center]Banks reporting huge improvements in national wealth[/center][/u][/b]

The Mongolian Banking Association reported that over 20 million Togrogs have been put into the nation's treasury and that Mongolians are enjoying new found wealth thanks to changes made to regulate the economy despite a tax hike eariler this week. More improvments are being made to the nation's infrastructure as well as Mongolian construction crews press on to refurbish several population areas mainly the capital. The average Mongolian according the MBA now makes more than a citizen from Cochin or the UFE although this is just an estimate.

[u][b][center]Heavy Metal Thunder[/center][/b][/u]

Several Mongolian youth are starting heavy metal bands in a scene being dubbed the 'New Wave of Mongolian Thrash Metal' bands like Temujin which is releasing its second album today helped birth what is quickly becoming a national phenomenon. Most of these bands come from the city of Tseterleg, and are touring across the republic in front of hundreds of young Mongolian metalheads. The band Temujin is planning a nationwide tour and plans to expand into other countries to promote their second album.

[b][u][center]Republican Guard arrests Vaule man after foul up near border[/center][/u][/b]

The Republican Guard arrested a man in his 30s near the Vaule-Mongolian border today, the man was driving a blue van towards the Mongolian border when he was stopped at a checkpoint and asked to show identification. The man refused to show and ID and immediately put his van into reverse hitting another vehicle behind him, at that point the Guard members told the man to step out of the van but the man kept trying to what the border captain called 'escape' from the checkpoint, the Guardsmen had no choice but to arrest the man and detain his vehicle. The man is being kept at the Northern Border Watch HQ of the Republican guard until further notice, inside his van were items suggesting he was intoxicated at the time he arrived. "The guy probably didn't even know where he was, as soon as we get the word we'll either let the Vaule handle him or put him on trial for misconduct and possibly even smuggling charges"- Captain Yutilik of the Border Watch.

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[u][b][center]Mongolia reviews foreign ministry[/center][/b][/u]

After a recent debacle with the UFE and GKF, Prime Minister has called for parliament to review Mongolia's foreign relations and to prevent another incident from happening again. Along with the review, Yanjmma is pushing for a new policy to create better relations with the nations of Cochin, Korea and Akitsushima (Japan).

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