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Dinner with Poles


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Andreas Karlsson was suprised when he received news from the Queen. As the provisional government member in charge of Foreign Affairs, he never expected that the Queen would want to garner friendly relations with the people of Poland. The small state was surrounded by the Germans, whom the Swedish found themselves to be in close-proximity with through the Queen's work. The Germans had given them their freedom, and had made them grow and prosper. As such, it was only fitting their ties remained so close. But bringing the nation closer to the Poles was a move not even Karlsson expected. Nevertheless, he accepted Her Majesty's wishes.

Using his favorite pen, he wrote a letter to the government of Poland detailing the Queen's wish for a meeting along with the chosen location.

[quote]To the government of Poland,

Her Majesty, Queen of Sweden, has requested the audience of your nation in her court at Stockholm Palace. As such (if possible), we await your arrival by your preferred means of transport to our nation's capital where you will be escorted to the Palace and provided security clearance to pass the Royal Guards that guard the proximity around the Palace, and the palace itself. We look forward to meeting with you.

Andreas Karlsson
Provisional Government Representative[/quote]

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At Stockholm Palace, the guards would be notified ahead of time to check the verification of a forthcoming Polish representative. When he arrived, his credentials would be scanned over by the guards and they would check the information at the front gate to ensure everything was correct. Since the representative had been given his clearance pass beforehand, not a single problem arose with the guards and the vehicle made it's way into the Palace grounds. The representative would be escorted to a room in the palace that had been set up similarly to a business conference area, but with only three seats. Attending the conference would be the representative from Poland, Andreas Karlsson, and Her Majesty.

As the Polish representative was escorted to his seat, Andreas looked over and gave a slight nod of acknowledgement. The Queen walked in wearing a formal gown afterwards, and sat down without saying a word. Andreas became the voice of the Queen at that moment, and opened his mouth to begin what was certain to be a somewhat dragged-out conversation.

"Welcome to Stockholm, and our beloved Kingdom. By request of the Queen, you have arrived, so let's move to the matter of business we wish to discuss. Our nation has a relevant interest in relations with your nation, primarily due to your ties with our good friends over at the Förbund. As they always say, the friend of my friend is my friend. Err, wait, wrong phrase of speech..."

He lost himself for a moment, and let out a chuckle.

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"The phrase my good man, is "An enemy of my enemy is my friend." However, The Germans are our blood brothers and we have a mutual interest in the Baltic Sea with them and your nation. To cut to the chase my good sir and my dearest Madame, We seek control of the Baltic Sea through which to grow our power. We have the port-city of Sokol along the Vistula River giving us access to the Sea and the ability to build a navy. Yet, we want more. We offer an alliance with your people and eventually the Germans in order to split control of the Baltic and enrich our nations with land, gold, power and prestige."

What do you think?

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