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Looking for an alliance

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[quote name='Joffrey17' timestamp='1300763576' post='2672863']
I am looking for a fairly small and new alliance that i can help grow. im grown old of the big alliances and all their drama.

I been with CN since the beginning.
I use to be Joffrey17 of The Old Republic. I been in many alliances BIG and SMALL i even had a few of my own alliances that i have created. I know every part of government and i know how to be a diplomat.

I just wanna help the little guys grow

Why don't you join Paragon? We're a small alliance that's already been around for just over a year, and have plenty of gov spots open. I've also sent you a pm in-game.

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You might want to get your forum name changed on here to match your in game one, otherwise they'll ban your forum account until you request a change.

Also, did you just ask for a small alliance, then join the largest alliance in CN, MHA, an alliance with over 600 nations? :blink:

I don't think we fit your criteria, as it sounds like you're looking for maybe a protectorate alliance or a small neutral one to pass on your knowledge of CN to. We're not new, but experienced players are more than welcome to join and help with tutoring newer players, if they's your thing. http://www.cn-colossus.co.uk/

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