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  1. Here is the timeline to help illustrate this situation better: Jan 06, 2018 at 11:45 am: I sent the following message to champcardon privately on CRAP's forums - "Hey, I cooked up a possible treaty for us, have a look and lemme know what you guys think! *insert treaty here*" Jan 10, 2018 at 6:36pm: champcardon posts to the CRAP embassy on Atlantis' forums - "Our government has received your proposal and our Triumvirate is taking it under consideration immediately." Feb 12, 2018 at 5:59 pm: Chuck Normis sent me the following message privately on CRAP's forums - "So RL hit ever
  2. Thanks! And yes, we have lol. Well, I've been playing since 2011...so, how do you remember me?
  3. Nah...it was Atlantis who originally disbanded back in '08, then I reformed it on New Year's (this year). CRAP's been running strong for a while.
  4. Listen, man, all I wanted to do was start my own alliance and be a relatively peaceful entity that knew its limits. I chose Atlantis because I thought it'd be a cool name, saw that it had previously existed, and re-founded it with some slight modifications. No need to get salty with a guy who's not even trying to pick a fight. I'm sorry that you had bad memories of the old Atlantis, but that's not who I am, and that's not what I intend this newly reformed group to be, so please...if you don't like what I'm doing, just stay out of this.
  5. Thanks! Way ahead of you, https://discord.gg/N2w8GSe
  6. ATLANTIS WANTS YOU! Happy New Year, Planet Bob! I officially take this time to recreate Atlantis and start my own alliance! Forum link: http://atlantis-cn.freeforums.net Charter link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1V-a37PtzpiVlfdEZ6GCRls0UtOHCzchiCtxfNdH72i4/edit?usp=drivesdk
  7. [center][img]http://www.baseballflagsandpennants.com/images_products/new_york_yankees_nation_flag_61932big.jpg[/img] [u][size="7"]Update for the TE nation of Yankee Nation[/size][/u][/center] Yesterday, September 22, 2012, I, [i]Da BIG Boss[/i], ruler of TE nation [url="http://tournament.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=1000626"]Yankee Nation[/url] raided TE nation of [url="http://tournament.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=1000460"]Caprica[/url] ruled by [i]glock[/i]. Later on, after I had sent peace, he sent me this message: [quote][b]To:[/b] Da BIG B
  8. [quote name='Vejovis' timestamp='1342125395' post='3009337'] I applied, How many do you think are gonna actually go into this? [/quote] So far, we've got you and 1 more nation.
  9. https://spreadsheets2.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dHU0eEZKVlBmWHMwTHhDLTdxTFlpS0E6MQ I, Da BIG Boss, will be helping all nations in need of a trade circle.
  10. **NOTE: This post will be edited when our history changes. Our website is at [url="http://dictatorship-demolition-co.yolasite.com/"]http://dictatorship-demolition-co.yolasite.com/[/url]** 3/20/12 @ 6:23:08 A.M. Server time - [b][url="http://tournament.cybernations.net/alliance_stats.asp?ID=40"]DDC[/url][/b] was founded 3/21/12 @ 6:24:00 A.M. Server time - [b][url="http://tournament.cybernations.net/alliance_stats.asp?ID=40"]DDC[/url][/b] declared war on [url="http://tournament.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=1000523"][b]The Dictatorship[/b][/url]. 3/23/12 @ 3:49:43 P.M.
  11. [quote name='CEO George Harris' timestamp='1330655167' post='2931623'] If you're new to CN all together I recommend joining an alliance. It will make the game all the more enjoyable. I wish you luck none the less. [/quote] Thanks for wishing me luck. Let me clarify a few things for everyone, though: [list=1] [*]I am not new to CN, and I know how alliances work. [*]After thinking about this, I have decided to change the name of the alliance to "Dictatorship Demolition Co.". [/list] Here is the flag: [img]http://dictatorship-demolition-co.yolasite.com/resources/Dictatorships%20stink.jpg[
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