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  1. It burns. So does Shakira's abhorrent singing. Stop...just stop.

  2. For those of you thinking its fine to protect what you want...isn't it still dumb to do so?
  3. I don't think so, however several nations are at war with each other in game. I'm sure we'll see a STA DoW soon with the CB listed as "GGA".
  4. A few weeks ago GGA disbanded...it was sad to see an alliance with such a long history disappear, however I never liked them much anyway. So \m/, being the aggresive little bling stars that are, stepped in and basically declared them tech raidable by ONLY \m/. STA, being the honorable all stars, stepped in and declared GGA was now protected by STA, and basically ordered \m/ to stop...which has now led to war between the two alliances. In my opinion, \m/ was doing what they do best. STA was doing what they do best: bust up fun and games. Protecting "dead" or disbanded alliances is stupid to
  5. Great essay, I liked the comparison.
  6. Not VanHoo, thats for sure. Used to be Electron Sponge for me...perhaps Archon.
  7. Oh wow, because we have no idea how to click on the OWF--AA forum.
  8. They didn't jump to conclusions either way. One of their members was being attacked, and RoK was playing stupid diplomacy. If they had investigated they would've found no proof, as TENE as yet to provide any. This is RoK using a protectorate and friends to try and start another big war.
  9. Indeed. Their own logs prove that.
  10. Recently NSO has gotten into a bit of trouble with Ragnarok and their protectorate TENE. Let me run down the timeline for you: -Sedrick complains on the TENE forums, asks out. -He steals aid, refusing to pay it back -He attacks several TENE nations, putting them in anarchy, claiming they spied on him. -Sedrick leaves TENE and tries to join MHA...who refuse. -Sedrick joins NSO Now NSO had no knowledge of the trouble Sedrick was in. While they never contacted TENE, why should they have? They had no reason too. -NSO becomes aware of issues. -NSO supports Sedrick; gives aid; claims TENE n
  11. Thanks. I agree...we should be able to bend shapes of our nations, and not go into oceans, etc. Eventually (I doubt it would ever happen, however...) I would love to see CN incorporate this into the game. Then, nations are only allowed to be placed within their alliances borders. Another map will be placed for alliances under 1mil NS, and those not in alliances, or too small to be recognized don't get a spot. This encourages nations to join REAL alliances. Who knows, it may happen one day.
  12. I might consider alliances between 200k and 1mil being allowed 1 territory each. We'll see...this isn't actually a bad idea. Alistair: NO U
  13. Population might be good. Maybe somebody will create a thread with all versions posted in it And Alistair, you could always just reach 1mil and party with the big boys
  14. I remember back in the day when world maps were kind of a big deal. It appears its starting to get popular again. Edifice of DecadentPast has decided to make a new one. The formula, rather than NS= total size, is 200,000 NS= 1 territory. The territories being taken from Hears of Iron 2. I don't play it, but the map is pretty snazzy. Throughout his topic "New CN World Map", there have been a few legitimate complaints. There will not be enough territories to accompany all alliances above 200K NS. Especially when these alliances start to grow, as pointed out by James Dahl, and Letum here:
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