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  1. Ashenkine

    Anyone around from the Old Days?

    2006 here. Too many alliances to count. Led 2 micros. Deleted in 2011 then restarted 2016ish. Much different and interesting world back then.
  2. Ashenkine

    A quick goodbye

    I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone that knows me for the time I spent here in Digiterra. After a few weeks of deliberation, I have decided to let my nation pass into oblivion. There is no joy, fascination, love, hatred, loathing, or enemy that makes me want to stay anymore. I have been around too long. I remember the birth pangs of Planet Bob. I have seen every major conflict and fought in half of them. Thank you friends for being there. PM if you want. Shout outs to my friends, some enemies, and a few people I admired: Dame Hime Themis Lady Kirke Lady Stella VL (you disappeared far too early) Walford Ephraim Grey Magister Agricolarum Divine Proportion Bones Malone Abdur NoWedge Ivan Moldavi Marine Sniper Atlas and Dawny Schatt Dilber Of course I have forgotten tens of important names. No offense. Remind me who I missed.
  3. Ashenkine

    Nation Rank Trend Since 2008

    [quote name='Diego18' timestamp='1337024840' post='2967422'] I wish we could know that date, 5 months before it happens, just to suicide everything [/quote] It would be quite fun to have a last nation standing die-off. Double everyone's war slots, randomly fill of half of the war slots, no NS limits for attacking, peace mode eliminated, everyone can have nukes if they can afford to buy them, no peace outs - someone dies and slot must be filled within a day or another random foe is chosen, failure to retaliate doubles damage taken, failure to attack each other (especially alliance mates) means 10% loss of everything for both combatants, resources/trade partners randomly switched every day, and death when you bill lock. Blaze of glory and true Armageddon. Let's talk to Kevin
  4. Ashenkine

    Nation Rank Trend Since 2008

    Another '06 here, passed 6 years a month ago. No re-rolls. For the loss trend, its just a matter of it being a much more interesting world back then with a bunch of interesting elder statesmen. The statesmen are gone. Oh well...I'll stay until the light s are turned off. Sorry 07 and beyond.
  5. Ashenkine

    The Amazing Sanction Race

    [quote name='New Frontier' timestamp='1329887569' post='2925431'] That was almost entirely one 165k ns nation. Bye, Ashenkine! [/quote] Fair enough. You guys will rise. One nation isn't gonna do you guys in, not with the recruiting machine Deinos has.
  6. Good Altheus, Having once been a long time member of UPN, I believe in your ability to resurrect what has been lost. Quite frankly, I was not aware of the extent of troubles beseiging your halls. A good many noble people of ability may have left, but most started with little or no experience. A young membership can be made great with proper guidance, as I am sure you well know. Godspeed, old friend. Page Ashenkine The Order of the Black Rose
  7. Ashenkine

    Greatest CN Rivalry?

    I agree in essense with both of you gentlemen, but I would respectfully like to make some points to support my cause. Leadership is not required for rivalry, only intimate involvement over a significant period of time. I would call vendetta a form of intimacy, especially when it spans a couple of years. Also, supremacy is not a prerequisite for rivalry. FAN has been mentioned several times, but at no point could it be said that FAN was in serious contention for supremacy in VietFAN, at least militarily. One final item to consider in this debate: There seems to be a leaning towards war as being a defining point in rivalry. I would suggest that many fine rivalries did not enter a war phase. Invicta/Valhalla during the reign of noWedge is a good example that I believe has already been given. Respectfully, Page Ashenkine
  8. Ashenkine

    Greatest CN Rivalry?

    Good Citizens of CN, I have read this thread and agree with many of the rivalries and arguments for them, but I am surprised by the absence of a rivalry that shaped so much of the early history of CN: The Legion vs. NPO. In my humble opinion, it was more important than the LUE/NPO rivalry becasue of the length of time it went on, the power blocs formed under their influence and the the major wars headed by each alliance. It did not end until Aegis was defeated and Zha'Dum was appointed to restructure The Legion into something more to the liking of NPO. Respectfully, Page Ashenkine
  9. Ashenkine

    What grows faster oranges or vines?

    Good Abdur, Your cruelty knows no ends . Team effort you say? Yes, but you hold the whip old friend. Respectfully, Page Ashenkine
  10. Ashenkine

    What grows faster oranges or vines?

    Good Citizens of Purple and Orange, I do not represent The Order in this comment. As a former long time member of Purple and the UPN, ODN should concede defeat. You cannot best an Abdur motivated recruiting team...at anything. GO UPN!!!! Your Servant, Page Ashenkine (former UPN Deputy Minister of Recruitment under none other than Abdur!)
  11. Ashenkine

    The Millenial Club

    Official old timer Nation Created: 4/7/2006 10:43:10 PM (1,229 days old)
  12. Ashenkine

    NPO lost their sanction

    Of course it was going to be said. Back in the day, the troll legions of NPO were always very happy to point out the loss of status they inflicted on other alliances, and some people have very long memories. The troll legions may be gone, and it may not have been the nicest thing to do, but it was inevitable. Just take it. It wasn't mean spirited, at least not in the OP. I remember how big a deal it was when the Legion took #1 from NPO a couple of years ago and everybody was "OMG, is this the end of NPO as we know it?". When the next sanction update rolled around (wasn't it monthly back then?) NPO was back on top and except for another brief period with GPA on top, NPO was back, and with a vengeance. While the fall is more extreme this time, NPO will be back and a formidable force in Bob soon.
  13. Ashenkine

    The Single Most Important Person....ever

    I wonder if this nascent poll would show an age bias, by nation creation date. Being an old timer, I see most things through the lens of Ivan's influence, even though he was never my leader. A portion of the names in your original list would not be where they are without Ivan, imho. So yeah, Ivan.
  14. Ashenkine

    The gods are angry

    Welcome to the fray, Olympus!! o/Olympus!!! o/Purple!!!
  15. Ashenkine

    UPN Declaration of War

    o/UPN... for doing the right thing, even if it proves not to be convenient. Backing treaties is honorable, otherwise they are worthless. We look forward to our battles with RnR, and hope to come out the other side, regardless of outcome, with a deep respect for one another.