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Tattledog TMZillionaire




Is it just me or is Schattenmann, self-described liberator of the common CNer from the oppressive yoke of teh ebil NPO just a dozy rumor peddler? To me, Schattenmann is the Perez Hilton of CN with his Tattler website the TMZ.com of Planet Bob. There's little substance in what he has to say and his attempts to shock and draw attention to himself can be likened to what celebrity websites thrive on doing: showing the most famous players and alliances at their "worst" - when in reality these alliances are merely performing their function to the best of their ability; i mean, that's why they're sanctioned alliances, after all. Sanctioned alliances and the government officials from such institutions are like Hollywood A-list actors.

Actors are rich; they have exorbitant amounts of disposable income and have access to many of the more elite institutions that are associated with their industry; exclusive nightclubs, expensive clothing stores, invitation only parties and what have you. Government officials within sanctioned alliances are much the same; only they are privy to high-level discussions, make the decisions behind closed doors and spend a lot of their surplus cash on national wonders or what have you. Our natural propensity to try and fill in the blanks from that which is concealed from us is all too alluring and Schattenmann and his loathesome cohorts prey on that fact, albeit with misguided "information."

The game thrives on intrigue and rumor, no argument from me there. The fact anyone takes Schattenmann and his motley crew of scorned players, clinging with desperation to their rapidly diminishing relevancy in the game even with a semblance of seriousness should take a hard look at their supposed hard-hitting journalism for what it really is; tabloid, decontextualized schlock that even the least experienced player should find puerile and needlessly sensational.

The NPO hitting Jarheads would be a novelty to most since it was an isolated incident; if Schattenmann didn't tell you, you would've known eventually. The internal discussions of MHA and the "original" Bastion treaty was none of anyone's concern and was merely speculatory rather than definitive or even remotely executive. If Schattenmann likes to pry into other's affairs, then let him; but just keep in mind that the transmissions he picks up are nothing more than idle chatter that has no consequence to the greater game at large. With any media, be it legitimate or slime-laden like the Tattler, should be taken with a grain of salt. When reading the latest opus by Schattenmann, the salt should be accompanied by a shot of tequila and a lemon before one starts to find what he says even marginally relevant.



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