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Someone help these guys..... i dont even.................

Alex The Great



Basically i joined this newb alliance that doesnt no nothing for the !@#$% and giggles. They are super active, but need help. they have 86 alliance announcments and dozens of comments on each one. I suggested DT cause i figured theyd take anyone :P. They just need some guiding

[18:38:25] <Damaged> napoleon:

[18:38:27] <Damaged> Hey man

[18:38:38] <Damaged> Stay on here

[18:38:42] <Damaged> its confiusing at first

[18:38:42] <napoleon> Ok I'm in now join the alliance ASAP

[18:38:52] <Damaged> Why asap?

[18:39:07] <napoleon> As soon as possible join the alliance

[18:39:16] <Damaged> Why asap?

[18:39:17] <napoleon> Join the alliance!

[18:39:24] <Damaged> I will

[18:39:26] <Damaged> dont worry

[18:39:27] <napoleon> Now or I'm leaving! Join it!

[18:39:31] <Damaged> dude

[18:39:35] <Damaged> please slow down

[18:39:35] <napoleon> Join

[18:39:38] <napoleon> Join

[18:39:39] <Damaged> I WILL


[18:39:40] <napoleon> Join

[18:39:43] <napoleon> Join

[18:39:46] <napoleon> Join

[18:39:47] <Damaged> this game takes months

[18:39:49] <napoleon> Join

[18:39:50] <Damaged> we have time

[18:39:52] <napoleon> Join

[18:39:54] <napoleon> Join

[18:39:56] <Damaged> napoleon:

[18:39:57] <napoleon> Join

[18:40:00] <Damaged> Please shut the $%&@ up

[18:40:01] <napoleon> Join

[18:40:04] <napoleon> Join

[18:40:06] <napoleon> Join

[18:40:09] <napoleon> Join

[18:40:12] <napoleon> Then join

[18:40:14] <napoleon> Join

[18:40:14] <Damaged> i wont join if you keep saying join

[18:40:16] <napoleon> Join

[18:40:21] <napoleon> Then join

[18:40:26] <napoleon> Then I'm out

[18:40:28] <Damaged> Look, I want to talk to you about The Alliance

[18:40:34] <napoleon> What!

[18:40:49] <napoleon> I won't say nothing unless you join

[18:40:49] <Damaged> I need government

[18:40:56] <napoleon> What kind

[18:40:59] <Damaged> I am the most experianced player by far

[18:41:02] <napoleon> And for what

[18:41:02] <Damaged> Aything

[18:41:09] <Damaged> I know this game inside out

[18:41:19] <napoleon> What? Cn

[18:41:27] <napoleon> Ok so???

[18:41:27] <Damaged> Yes

[18:41:34] <Damaged> You need to get protected

[18:41:35] <Damaged> and allies

[18:41:39] <Damaged> or you will be rolled

[18:41:42] <napoleon> I am protected

[18:41:43] <Damaged> by people like goons

[18:41:45] <Damaged> by who?

[18:41:50] <Damaged> Your own alliance doesnt count

[18:41:55] <napoleon> Why?

[18:41:57] <Damaged> You need foreign Allies

[18:42:00] <napoleon> Why

[18:42:08] <Damaged> because GOONs has 100 people with allies

[18:42:16] <napoleon> Yeah so

[18:42:18] <Damaged> and you have 20 people who dont knwo the game that well

[18:42:25] <Damaged> you would get crushed in war

[18:42:25] <napoleon> We do

[18:42:31] <napoleon> No not really

[18:42:39] <napoleon> Well kinda

[18:42:41] <Damaged> I am going to refer you to an alliance that will help you

[18:42:56] <Damaged> douglas1989r: you on?

[18:43:01] <napoleon> So will you just JOIN the te on cn please?!

[18:43:23] <Damaged> I am at war

[18:43:39] <Damaged> I cannot abandon my alliance You need to know more about politics

[18:43:41] <napoleon> On the tournament edition join! Now!

[18:43:53] <napoleon> Then I'm out of here!

[18:44:01] <Damaged> Bye!

[18:44:09] <napoleon> Join

[18:44:10] <Damaged> Ill talk to someone else

[18:44:12] <napoleon> Please

[18:44:15] <Damaged> thats willing to listen

[18:44:17] <napoleon> Cherry

[18:44:23] <napoleon> On top

[18:44:28] <napoleon> A fee first

[18:44:41] <napoleon> For me to listen

[18:44:49] <Damaged> i dont do fees

[18:44:54] <napoleon> What do you want to tell me??

[18:44:55] <Damaged> Im doing you a favor

[18:44:58] <napoleon> Just tell me

[18:45:00] <Damaged> you need protection

[18:45:07] <Damaged> you can get millions of money

[18:45:11] <napoleon> You got 5 minutes

[18:45:29] <napoleon> I'm busy tell me NOW

[18:45:29] <Damaged> you dont tell me what to do

[18:45:35] <Damaged> your busy? With what?

[18:45:44] <napoleon> YOU GOT 5 minutes

[18:45:49] <napoleon> Help family

[18:46:03] <Damaged> dude, ask an experianced alliance to protect you

[18:46:14] <napoleon> Then help me now

[18:46:15] <Damaged> I can tell them you are super active and they will like it

[18:46:34] <napoleon> Ok then tell them, what would they do?

[18:46:34] Damaged invited Big_Foot into channel #dgoods

[18:46:39] Big_Foot [iceChat77@coldfront-E70FC778.dhcp.krny.ne.charter.com] has joined #dgoods

[18:46:44] <Damaged> they would protect you from other alliances

[18:46:45] <Damaged> Big_Foot:

[18:46:50] <Damaged> tell napoleon

[18:46:52] <Damaged> about protection

[18:46:57] <napoleon> ok please tell them

[18:47:00] <Big_Foot> who's napoleon?

[18:47:06] <napoleon> I need the money

[18:47:08] <napoleon> Me

[18:47:10] <Damaged> hes in a small aa that is newbie :P

[18:47:23] <napoleon> What?

[18:47:28] <Damaged> You can get 24 million tommorow if you help me help you

[18:47:32] <napoleon> Both join alliance now

[18:47:36] <Big_Foot> napoleon is a n00b? :P

[18:47:40] <Damaged> ;)

[18:47:44] <Damaged> pretty much, yea

[18:47:48] <napoleon> My slots are full

[18:47:59] <napoleon> ?

[18:48:05] Big_Foot [iceChat77@coldfront-E70FC778.dhcp.krny.ne.charter.com] has left #dgoods

[18:48:12] <napoleon> Anyone???

[18:48:17] <napoleon> 2 minutes

[18:48:24] <Damaged> dude, ask DT to protect you

[18:48:41] <Damaged> you used to be in odn, waht happened?

[18:48:44] <napoleon> Who's DT

[18:48:59] <Damaged> Dark Templar

[18:49:13] <Damaged> they are great

[18:49:15] <Damaged> #dt

[18:49:17] <Damaged> go there

[18:49:23] <napoleon> No I wasn't. I was still in pending. And Ghast destroyed our alliance. So I figured to join them

[18:50:02] <napoleon> If they do will help me then tell them to message me

[18:50:11] <Damaged> no

[18:50:15] <Damaged> you have to approach them

[18:50:26] <napoleon> Ghast banned everyone from our alliance and now we joined back together

[18:50:42] <napoleon> Why? Why can't you tell them about me?

[18:50:50] <Damaged> how much money do you have?

[18:50:58] <napoleon> Breaking even

[18:51:13] <Damaged> well these guys have billions of dollars

[18:51:16] <Damaged> http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=101523

[18:51:18] <Damaged> contact this nation

[18:51:27] <Damaged> tell him you are seeking protection

[18:51:34] <Damaged> tell him you are active



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