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Call for graphics: Survivor 12




I'm going to be putting together an olympics-style survivor competition for the ASR in next week, and I'm looking for some graphics for it.

Style is all up to you... I normally just do some quick edits to the actual survivor logo for that season, but it would be nice to get something olympics-themed in there.

As for text, I'll either be calling it "Cybernations Olympics" or "Survivor Season 12" or something along those lines. I'll go with whatever makes it in the graphics.

Tentative start date is March 7th.



Recommended Comments

forget the winter olympics, how about Survivor - Ukraine Edition?

I'd definitely make something for that

Top score gainer on the first day wins, and then we sit around and twiddle our thumbs for a generation before actually ending the competition?

Doesn't sound too exciting...

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