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Hello, cyber verse, I would like to announce my recent entry into the cyber-forums.

The reason for this is that I would like to use this blog as a method of spreading my and others ideals and thoughts on the current events happening in cybernations.

But before I do that I would like to answer a question. The reason my nation's name is Pangea, is because it is a slightly different spelling of the word Pangaea, which in case you didn't know was a supercontinent that existed (please avoid religious argument here) a very long time ago. My nations name is meant to represent my attempts to become as one (in a metaphorical sense of course) with other nations.

Well, that sums it up, I hope to post more blog posts later on.


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Hello and welcome to cybernations. Please ignore the trolls.

Currently harmony is not present here. War and hell is present.

I have been quite aware of the Hell hole cyber nations currently is, frankly I think Umbrella should just back off and apologize for filling the war slots before they get duckroll'd.

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