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Christian Coalition Of Countries stats

Kubla Khan




Nations: 128

NS: 3,425,783

ANS: 26,764

Score: 14.13

Infra 526,257

Tech 216,702

Alliance Infra/tech ratio: 1:0.412

Nukes: 923

Stock Markets: 62

SDI: 42

MP: 53

WRC: 14

Active wars: 85

Offensive: 62

Defensive: 23

Nukes Thwarted 164

Direct Hits 154

Anarchy: 21

Peace Mode: 46

-135,061 NS since beginning of the war about 1589 NS lost per war, respectable but if they want to have a bigger impact on their front against IRON they need to get their upper tier into the war. Among their top 40 nations only 14 are in war mode and only 10 of those are in active wars. If only 14 nations above 32k are engaged and no one above 80k, you are really just letting iron double team all engaged nations and letting IRON take you to the woodshed in your mid range. Ill update in a week with a aid slot breakdown added.

Best of luck guys.



Recommended Comments

Sure thing SCY, and yes they are very much on the offensive in the sup 25k range but in the upper tier being double teamed is the rule not the exception, a solid counter attack in the next round would be very effective and necessary to give their guys some relief since their IRON opponents have only one war each save 2.

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