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Two for One: Meadows of Heaven (Pen), Morey 2k7 (VE)




Helping the Emperor move out of his palace into Ghostlin into a new palace, I thought I had my interviews pretty set up and ready to go.

Oh f--k. He broke the china. Idiot. I made a mad phone call to my interviews, hoping we could do lunch and dinner in a nice restaurant in Ghostlin that specializes in Italian cuisine, then I charged the tickets and the bill to the emperor's exp--personal credit card, of course. My first interview was with a government member of a recently created confederation of nations, Pendulum. Coming from a similar confederation myself, Apocalypse, we soon got chatting to business:

1) Tell my readers where you’ve been in CN.

Well, I started my days in the Blue turtle Alliance, under the wing of Master-Debater, and the NAAC. Foolowing a failed attempt at starting my own aloliance, I returned to BTA just in time for GWIII and found myself as MD's #2 going into surrender negotiations. Following the disbandment and reformation of BTA into TAB, I spent 8 months at the helm before going on an extended hiatus, which took me to great alliances MHA, RoK and the STA. All three were amazing groups of people, but I still aspired to create my own alliance, and after the failure of Arctica and my return to TAB, I joined BlackjackCF and Nevsky to form Pendulum - my first movement from the Aqua team since January 07.

2) Pendulum is rather an interesting shift from TAB. I noticed, like some, certain influencial figures leaving TAB. Was there a particular reason for this shift?

I think that this was just the result of several prominent figures sharing the ambition as myself. As Pendulum, we have no animosity towards TAB, and some TAB members were a great help with the oiriginal construction of our forums.

3) What are you finding to be the hardest thing about being in a new alliance?

Recruiting has always been a difficult part of growing a new alliance, but we're working through that with the hard work our membership has been putting in.

4) If you could sum up your goals for Pendulum, what would they be?

We're working towards our next short term goal of 500k NS, coupled with a membership goal of 50 members.

5) Many folks say there are too many alliances already. What would you say to them?

As long as the total nation count grows, the alliance count will grow. That's simple math. CN may be overcrowded, but it just hardens our resolve to grow out of the"small alliance" label.

6) What do you find to be the best and worst things about CN?

The best is certainly the talent we see here in CN. Strong leader, tactitians and economists have paved the way for this game to be so strongly contested.

The worst, in my opinion, is the lack of an organised opposition, like we saw when the League/Initiative conflicts were at their peak. Keeps the game interesting.

7) If you could discuss with your enemies, former and current in a calm, rational forum, what would you say to them?

I've never really had any true enemies in CN. Sure, I've fought alliance wars, but 99% of the time, it's respectful and fun. I would have voiced my support for Ivan during his "coup" of Moo though.

8) If you could be certain of someone saying ‘yes’, and the decision was solely yours, who would you sign a treaty with and why?

MK and STA. Two great examples of alliances with strong leaders and a true notion of honour. Both were decimated while honouring treaties, fully aware of the consequences.

9) Where do you see yourself in a year? Pendulum?

I'd hopefully see myself still with Pendulum, having seen it grow and become bigger and stronger. Can't hope for much more than that.

10) Anything else you’d like us to know?

Well, BTA didn't fake an ODP to fight in GWIII. It existed wink.gif

After that meal, I got rid of my lunch date, and then picked up my dinner date. I hadn't gotten this much action since I had two proms in high school. Anyhow, it was a member of the Veridian Entente, which I think means green sun or something like that. Closing my eyes to the disturbing nuclear imagery, I sat down with Morey 2K7, and hope that last dish didn't have too much garlic:

1) Tell my readers where you’ve been in CN.

I haven't really been that far in VE, my time in CN has only been spent with 2 alliances and the number is only 2 as my old alliance merged into my current alliance. Argo was the alliance I joined within 5 minutes of my nations creation, and is where I began moving up the ranks in the finance department, then to 2nd in command and then eventually leader of Argo. I served consistenly in Argo government for over a year and was one of the longest seving members.

2) So, having been in an alliance that merged into a larger alliance, how much culture shock was there from ArGo to VE?

To be honest, there was not much of a culture shock between the 2 alliances, and the only shock most of us got was joining an alliance that had a much more active community than Argo. Argo and VE were essentially brothers, so even before the merge we knew each other very well so most of us knew what to expect.

What I have found in joining an alliance that now has around 400 members, is that you find a lot more conflicting ideologies in discussions, which in a way is more fun as you get into more lengthy debates.

3) Some alliances would say that VE is threatening their alliance security by the creation of the ZI peace pact. Do you agree with this statement, and what would you say to those folks?

I would not say it threatens our alliance security but more of us making a statement of our ideals. It has shown the rest of Planet Bob we don't just go along with everyone else as of course not all our allies were pleased with the pact, but we worked around it and have not lost any allies because of it. I must admit I expected a greater impact, and was envisioning alot more alliances to sign the pact, however we cannot force other alliances hand and our own policy is now known by all.

4) If you could choose to join another alliance, who would it be and why?

hmm, I've never actually thought about this since joining VE, as when in Argo most of us would say if I was to leave Argo I would join VE. Now of course i'm there.

If I was to choose though I would probably say GOD, they have a strong commitment to there members and allies and it is always something that appeals to me in an alliance. They have the government who know what they are doing and do not allow themselves to be pushed around.

5) What do you find to be the best and worst things about CN?

The best thing about CN is the politics, its not always really interesting stuff but now and then situations will come along and it suddenly makes things interesting again. It is probably why CN has been so successful in the political climate the community has developed, and so as a community we have taken the game past just the in game mechanics.

The worst thing, hmm, finding trades. Nothing worse than waking up to find a trade partner deleted or someone cancelled on you and knowing you have to know go on the hunt for a new trade partner.

6) What, in your opinion, makes VE a unique alliance?

What stands out in VE is its tight community, I noticed it immediately upon joining and we really have a family like feel. Over the time of our existence we have earnt the respect of the majority of Planet Bob, and that at times is a hard thing to achieve here.

7) If you were to predict in a crystal ball which bloc would dissolve next, who would it be and why?

I've always said that tC would dissolve, merely because I have always believed that bringing so many alliances together, who before tC I hadn't considered to be bloc partners, is bound to cause rifts once in while. All the credit to tC though as they are still going strong and obviously doing something right.

8) How do you personally feel about the current global climate? How does VE fit into their role in the global climate, in your opinion?

The global climate currently is moving into the dull phase, after the last war a lot of alliances are under surrender terms but when these end it could be interesting to see what happens (will 2 sides form again in Bob?). There isn't really a lot for VE to fall into in the current climate, as it appears to be very little problems occurring atm.

9) If you could discuss with your enemies, former and current in a calm, rational forum, what would you say to them?

At LoFN: Your downfall was associating yourself with Walford.

(Only alliance(s) I can consider as enemy really)

10) Anything else you’d like us to know?

Random Fact: The Green Solidatory Act signed prior to the GCW actually still existed between Argo and Gramlins until Gramlins moved to Aqua team. This was actually realised in UJA talks.

OOC: Sorry for the publication delay. I have been insanely busy and it's going to get worse, considering I'm moving in RL. Thanks to my interveiwed. Those of you that have signed up for interviews, I've not forgotten, I'll slate you for next. Take you time, but be advised their may be a delay in publication. ^_^



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As long as the total nation count grows, the alliance count will grow. That's simple math.

It's a shame that the total nation count has been consistently declining, then :awesome:

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Indeed; it seems as though we have an argument in favour of the idea that the total alliance count grows as long as the total nation count declines. :)

Gah, my poor, overworked diplomats. So many places...

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