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Vox Again, Naturally




(Ghostlin's note: this is the interview with Nintederek. I will have more, but I close the house soon OOC so I won't be really available. I may send out questionnaires if I have time and write a cute companion piece to this.)

1) Tell my readers where you have been in CN.

Well, I've been a lot of places, so I'll just copy and paste what I usually tell people.

My CN career started 900 something days ago. I was recruited on a certain other game which recently came out with a sequel by Ivan Moldovi himself, who pretty much went to every area on that game and tried to get everyone there to play CN in a giant mass recruitment message. I happened to have read this message on the forums and came straight here. I told my friends about it, who signed up as Zocane and Kasmage. They started to pay attention to the CN politics. I didn't, I was inactive for a year, just collecting and paying, while they were off becoming big shots and stopping president Jalen. Eventually I joined some maroon alliance for a week, right before GW2, but I didn't pay that much attention to who, and their forums didn't work for me, so I left pretty much left right away. Stayed inactive for a while. Got raided some and went into peace mode. Screwed up my nation's economy permanently, and finally joined GOLD. I was there for about 6 months. I got into the Security Council after begging Varses for a government position for a LONG time, and then GOLD disbanded and so I tried to found my own alliance, failed miserably which makes me ROFL to this day and so ROFL merged into Purge. I was not ready for my own alliance obviously and was still kinda a noob to CN. My biggest achievement while in ROFL thought was getting Schattenmann out of an IRON PoW camp, and I think things would be very different for me today and for a lot of people today had I not done that. So we merged into Purge, had some laughs, had some fun, eventually got couped by our protectors and so the Purge Imperium was formed, was short lived and so I followed my friend Schattenmann to Browncoats, our first ToA partner back when we were in ROFL and we had some fun there, started a bloc and then a fake war. The Shadow Conspiracy was eventually founded out and so I was forced to leave BC. I took a break for a while, went to SOAP and found out how faulty it's charter was, tried to fix it but couldn't because of inactivity, so I left, joined APP for a day, maybe 2, then saw Vox was formed and so I left APP to join Vox and have been there annoying everyone ever since.

2) While you spoke on Manic Monday, you weren't a direct part of the posts of leaving. You had a stable enough position of SOAP, who did later disband. My question to you is, and I think many others echo it, is why did you leave security to join Vox?

What were you thinking?

I've never been asked this question before, but it's a very good question. And I must admit, I'm impressed at how much you know about me. Anyway, I have many reasons. First off, I didn't go directly to Vox from SOAP. I went to APP for about 2 days first off, which was a small alliance that didn't last very long because recruitment sucked. But I left SOAP for 3 good reasons. One was that it was a very instable alliance. Government members would leave with out checking in for months at a time, and then when I finally confronted one of them about it, they got all pissy at me and left just because of it, only to come back after I left because they hated me. A lot of them thought I was too hard on them, but I was just trying to teach them the basics and they didn't get it. Nobody but me and TCO were active, and most of the government was power hungry, which shouldn't surprise anyone. The only reason SOAP was founded was because TCO and America wanted to say they were government in an alliance pretty much. So that was a major problem, especially since I was the only person there who knew ANYTHING about other alliances. TCO and America knew a bit, but most of the rest of the people there were people who hadn't played CN long and just joined after TCO recruited them in RL. I also didn't like some of their allies, like Valhalla for instance. I liked Mhawk enough, and that was about it, and even he wasn't my favorite person in the world IC, although he was cool enough to help us catch a spy. Lastly, I did tend to post my opinion on the CN forums a lot, and it tended to not agree with my allies opinions, and so part of the time I felt like I was putting SOAP in danger just by being there. I was once even accused of trying to coup SOAP, which I would never do, TCO and America are some of my best friends in CN OOC. Anyway, I would have left SOAP had Vox been founded or not. It just so happens that Vox was formed two days later and I left APP for Vox, and I don't regret that decision. I knew a lot of the people who helped found Vox. RV and Starfox were friends from #cnpolitics, well, kinda. Schattenmann I've been in three different alliances with, and I helped get him off of his PoW list, so of course I knew him. Kingsrqt I actually have added on my facebook, and well, it was just the right cause. I believed in many of the things they believed in. It seemed like a perfect match, and Perma ZI is honestly one of the best things to happen to me in my CN career. I no longer have to fear if my alliance might be attacked for my actions. I no longer have to run a full government by myself, which I've had to do more then once. So yeah, I'm sorry if my answer was long, but it's the truth.

3) Tell me what you think really is the cornerstone of Vox ideology, and why is Vox responsible to bring it to the people?

Well, in my opinion, the cornerstone of the Vox ideology is thinking of the people and the game before ourselves. We don't perma ZI because we know it is helping to kill off the game. We realize this is just a game. We aren't really rulers of huge nations out to kill each other. We are guys behind the computer screen playing a game where we RP as a ruler. Other people play this game and help make it fun, and the game isn't as fun with out those other people. So I guess you could say that's the cornerstone of the ideology.

4) Some people scoff at Vox and say it is a dying revolution. What would you say to them?

They have absolutely no clue what they are talking about. What other revolution has done as much as Vox has? You can enter almost any thread these days, and in half the threads on the OWF, Vox discussion has started, most of the time we aren't even the ones who started it. People still mention us all the time in topics that sometimes we didn't even post in. And want to know the funny part? It's those same people who say we are a dying revolution which are helping to keep us alive.

5) FAN, Vox and OcUK just declared themselves allied to each other. Do you think these entities really have anything in common besides their hatred of the hegemony and do you think that's enough to keep them together?

Well, I'll admit, we originally thought we should sign the treaty for that reason and that reason only, but then we got to know FAN some, and they are really cool guys and I personally have a lot of respect for them, as an Ex-GOLD member, as a Vox member and just as a general CN player. I also know an Ex-FANer or two, including one gal who helped introduce me to the game back in GOLD. So personally, it's also a mutual respect. We haven't gotten to know OcUK as well yet, but I look forward to working with them, and they seem like a nice bunch of people with common goals. I just wish there were more alliances we could have put on the treaty.

6) Tomorrow: tC somehow falls, and the hegemony is splintered. What do you think Vox would do then?

Well, personally I wouldn't mind if we stayed together. I like pretty much everyone in Vox. I have great respect for Schattenmann and always enjoy being in his alliance. Starfox is almost my CN hero, and I honestly think he's the best player in the game. Dotizel is a great guy, I have a lot of respect for him, and he knows what he's doing unlike half of CN these days. Then there's Moridin and Gatherum who are always on IRC and always good to start a conversation with. We also recently gained President Kent, whom is an old NADCer who I think is a great addition for Vox, or will be once he completely catches up on his history since he's missed a couple of months. Overall, I like Vox and wouldn't mind us staying an alliance. That being said, I happen to know we would most likely disband, because that's what many of the other Vox members have said, and I understand why. So, overall, you never know what could happen, and if that does happen we would have to find out then.

7) If you could get off the ZI lists and conduct a normal CN life, where would you go?

I wouldn't get off the ZI lists, I would just stay in peace mode. Perma ZI is one of the best things to ever happen to me in my CN career, I can finally cay what ever I want on the forums and argue with people like Dilber and Derekjones and B&T and people I would never have dreamed I would find myself arguing with, just because I had to keep my big mouth closed. But if I had to pick, I would probably go to FAN and help them rebuild. Either that or MK, since they have a good Nintendo theme going on and I like that. I would consider Gremlins, but my NS probably wouldn't quite be high enough for them. RoK might even be a consideration, since I get along with a big portion of those people, but the other portion of the alliance pretty much hates me, so we would just have to see what happens. STA would also be an option, because Tyga is awesome and they actually give a crap about their treaties. Heck, I might even try to start my own alliance, although I doubt it would go very far. I really don't know.

8) In your opinion, what are the best and worst things about CN today?

The best thing about CN today is Vox Populi for sure. But if I had to pick something other then my alliance, I would say some of the personalities. You just take all the personality here on Planet Bob and put it together, and I think the world would blow up. It all goes together so perfectly, and some of these people you wouldn't even have to look who posted something to know automatically who did, which is awesome. The worst thing is the global hedgomy for sure. We have people acting as the mods when they just plain aren't. Perma ZI is bad like that. We also have insults being thrown around constantly, and people in the global hedgomy can get away with a lot more in general then people outside of it, a good example of this is when Zhadum told Doitzel to go die. That's just plain wrong, and had I done it and said it to someone in NPO, I would have been Perma ZIed for sure.

9) If you could say something to your enemies in a rational forum, what would it be?

Why? That's it really. Why? That's all that would need to be said. Why do they think this is right. Why do they continue to do it. Why force players out of the game? Why threaten, why OOC attack and then cry like a baby when the OOC attacks are aimed at you. Why say Vox isn't a threat when it clearly is? So, that's all that would needed to be said. That one word, "why?"

10) Anything else you'd like to share?

In case you anyone is wondering, you have not heard the last of Vox this week. Pay attention to the forums this Wednesday and you'll see our most epic announcement yet. Don't expect anything like a war movement or disbandment or anything like this, it's just an announcement, but it's one heck of an epic announcement.

Also, hello



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I enjoyed doing this, and if you ever run out of guests and need someone for any reason, let me know because I could either hook you up with someone good, or do another one myself if needed.

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9) If you could say something to your enemies in a rational forum, what would it be?

Why? That's it really. Why? That's all that would need to be said. Why do they think this is right. Why do they continue to do it. Why force players out of the game? Why threaten, why OOC attack and then cry like a baby when the OOC attacks are aimed at you. Why say Vox isn't a threat when it clearly is? So, that's all that would needed to be said. That one word, "why?"

On the flipside, why do you think the current status quo needs change? Is (relative) world peace not good enough?

Why do you hate freedom Nintenderek? Why, why?</joke>

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