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Sorry about the spill on your sofa...

Socialist Sleepover



So, like, here I am, writing a blog on CN. Finally, I get a soapbox in a game where most people playing are self-important sixteen year old's who not-so-secretly aspire to be the next Rommel or Patton, the kind of people who see your ability to play Risk as a measure of your worth. Oh god how did it come to this. I don't know. So let me get blitzed and move on.

So here are my random post-bake out musings about the game:

  • Cannabis should be a resource. Maybe Kevin can get off of his fat ass and insert some novelty into the game, instead of leaving us with the monotonous replica-of-real-life-capitalism that we all seem to look forward to with bleary-eyed glee at one in the morning. Wake up, tax the bejesus out of your 1's and 0's, buy some tech from a fourteen year old who thinks they're Ghengis Khan re-incarnated, and end the day with a rousing game of "how fast will he declare peace after we tech raid him". Gosh, what a thrilling game this is.
  • But seriously, the game could use a real shake-up. Inserting something like cannabis into the game could create all sorts of possibilities-- and it least it would give the choice of how your nation treats drug users/offenders some more merit and use besides a practically irrelevant form to fill out. What is more, by adding items that might be "controversial" or "contraband" could allow new possibilities for different kinds of sanctions and add new depth to organizing your trades.
  • Create new possibilities with governments. Mostly, this builds off of my last idea and suggests that resources and governments should effect each other. Communist countries trading for wheat won't have bread lines, so that gives +1 to happiness or something. Totalitarian countries would hoard resources, so your happiness would take a hit but your daily income is slightly boosted. Who knows, just an idea.

Thats it for now. I'm hungry and the hot single mom upstairs from my apartment said she'd make dinner tonight. I'm so there.



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