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Hello all. I am relatively new to Cyber Nations and was brough here via a friend from real life, who has been banned due to donation fraud, and a friend of mine named Jack the Great from Galava.

However, since most don't know me, allow me some time to introduce myself. I grew up on the south side of the ATL, life there was rough but I found my way. I did well in school and because of it got into the University of Georgia Tech. I majored in sports therapy and decided to move to Pittsburgh where I reside today and make frequent trips to UPMC to learn more.

Being from Atlanta, I love to play basketball. I witnessed the 720° dunk and am in the avatar, the far left person in the front row. I started to play basketball for as long as I could remember and still play during my free time.

I also love to play Paradoxian Games. I've recently bought Hearts of Iron II and am restarting my campaign after failing my first time up.

When I came to Cyber Nations I looked over the forums for tips on how to grow my nation and how best to maximize my efficiency using guides set forth by others. When I came I tried to join TOP but had my application rejected. After that, I then joined Vanguard since I thought they were similar to TOP. However, Vanguard has been an alliance which has been nothing but good to me. They are very articulate, courteous, and very unique. I've learned so much from them and because of them, reknewed my faith in this game.

Not much to add, not very exciting, but thank you for experiencing The AUT. :)



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I've had a few good experiences with Vanguard also. Don't let the heavies of the game bother you. They've gotten so big they have forgotten what it is like to be little.

They think this exempts them from being polite.

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